3 Marketing Tips to Boost Digital Sales

Marketing is the driving force behind all business. That is because marketing bridges the gap between the consumer and the producer. A producer (business) typically has solutions to the consumer’s (customer) problems. But the issue is that consumers are unaware that a business’s products/services can help them with their troubles.

With marketing, a business reaches out to its audience and informs them about its services. A business will use different types of marketing content and promotion tactics to educate its prospects about its products. The aim is to both inform and entice the audience to commit to a purchase and thereby increase the total number of sales.

Here are three general marketing tips that can help you improve your digital sales. These tips can be applied to any digital business.

Optimize Your Website Performance

This may sound weird as it is not obvious that this is a marketing tip. However, you must understand that how a store operates and the quality of the service provided plays a huge part in determining whether sales will be made or not. According to Ideas on Purpose:

“No single aspect of marketing is more important than a quality website, your organization’s front door.”

In a digital storefront, there are no salesmen to provide service, instead that task is relegated to the store website. The performance of this website is the service that is provided. So, what kind of things are included in this?

The loading speed of the website. All web pages must load in under a few seconds because 40% of consumers do not wait more than three seconds before bouncing.

User interface and navigation. How hard or easy it is to use your website is a critical factor in improving sales. People will not try to learn how to navigate your website if it is difficult to use. People will also leave the website if it’s too overwhelming and they can’t figure out what to do.

Incorporate responsive design for mobile users. More than half (55%) of website traffic comes from mobile, so you have to keep your website mobile friendly.

These are all things that improve the customer experience and ensure that the customers are more likely to commit to a purchase.

Utilize SEO Best Practices to Improve the Visibility of Your Store

SEO is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing.  SEO stands for search engine optimization, and its simplest definition is “a set of activities that help a website rank higher.”

When done correctly, SEO may help a website appear on the top page of search results. Since the majority of traffic goes to websites that are closer to the top of the first page, more people will come to your site. This will improve the chances of making more sales.

So, what can you do to improve the SEO? Here are some useful tips.

Utilize the right keywords in your website content. Keywords are crucial to SEO because they allow search engines to match the website with the search intent of users.

Optimize on-page SEO by using the right tags, headings, meta descriptions, and URL structures. Make sure to use your target keywords naturally in all of these things.

Ensure that high-quality, and valuable content is published on your store website which answers users’ queries and provides solutions to pain points.

Try to get premium quality backlinks to your website as that can massively boost its SERP ranking.

By investing in SEO, you will be able to market your business to more people, and that will increase the likelihood of getting sales. More traffic equals more sales.

Utilize Email Marketing

Email marketing is a popular form of content marketing. It has various advantages such as being customizable for each of your audience. Email marketing can dramatically improve sales as showcased by HubSpot where they found 59% of marketer’s biggest source of ROI are emails.

Through emails, a marketer can do several things to boost sales. They can:

  • Send newsletters to their subscribers with helpful and valuable content in them.
  • Offer custom deals and promotions to their audience to entice them to commit to a purchase.
  • Send content with CTAs that help your audience to navigate to your site and buy products.
  • Send content and deals to prospects and convert them into leads.

Email and content have a lot to do with each other. In fact, it is safe to say that the quality of your email content directly controls how many leads and sales it will generate.

Since people have short attention spans, content in your email needs to be easy to read and understand. If it is even somewhat difficult, it may turn people away. To make the material easier to read, try to express it in simple terms and phrases. After you’ve created the content, you may utilize options like paraphrasing to simplify it even further. However, paraphrasing the content of each email individually is a herculean task.

That’s why, instead of doing it manually, taking help from an online paraphraser tool could be an easy option to go for. The tool paraphrases the content automatically in an amazingly short time. These types of online tools can improve the readability of email content by replacing difficult words with their easier synonyms. Some of them can also restructure sentences to make them less confusing.

So, the next time your emails don’t seem to be generating sales, try to paraphrase them and make them easier to read. To learn more about how to harness email marketing, read this blog post and get a better idea.

These tips are general because they can be modified to apply to any kind of business. It can apply to a SaaS business model, or an online store model (where one buys products). These tips range from technical to non-technical and standalone from each other, meaning that you can apply one or more of these tips without having to worry about cohesion between them.


  • Marie Olga

    Marie Olga is a seasoned marketing professional with a knack for boosting sales through innovative strategies.

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