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3 Platforms for Showcasing Your Authentic Brand Videos

Buy this. Believe that. Consumers are constantly bombarded by marketing – but not all of it translates as authentic, which is to the detriment of the marketer.

B2B marketers who do understand the need for authenticity, however, are rewarded in big ways. Forrester’s research indicates that seven in 10 people feel more confident supporting authentic companies. They don’t want content that’s overly produced, either. When something seems too good to be true … well, it usually is.

The bottom line is that audiences trust brands that are genuine in every regard. This doesn’t mean that your brand has to advertise all its flaws, but it does mean that it will benefit from being transparent. Authenticity has the power to shape the perception of your brand and boost its credibility.

That said, what’s the best vehicle for this type of authentic marketing in the B2B space?

Right now, nothing is as motivating as video. Even though consumers are burned out from all the advertising they see daily, 99% say they can’t resist checking out a brand video. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should just pick up your camera, start filming whatever you see, and call it marketing. Video marketing requires a strategy.

At the core of any B2B video marketing you do, you’ll want to make sure that your communication techniques are thoughtful and real. Audiences want to feel valued, not “talked at.” They want to engage with video marketing that has a human edge. Similarly, you need to identify the story you want to tell. Determine your goal, map out the visuals, sound, and copy, then get to work. If applicable, also identify the talent you want to pull in. Give yourself time to figure out what will resonate with your target viewers and help them catch an immersive glimpse into your brand’s unique identity. If you’re struggling with developing a strategy, you can also outsource and work with a video production company.

Once you’ve figured out your B2B video marketing strategy, you need to choose the right platform to share your videos on. Luckily, great video venues are plentiful online. Below are three of the best — just make sure your video makes sense for the platform:


TikTok has been viewed as the poster child for authenticity on social media. That’s why so many brands have assimilated into TikTok’s culture. Accordingly, they’re posting content that skews toward casual and informal.

If you’re new to TikTok, dip your toes into the water before charging ahead. In general, buzzworthy TikToks are entertaining, educational, or a funky mixture of both. TikTok’s the place to highlight your quirky culture or offer insider product or service hacks. This Duolingo example is a perfect combination of whimsy and weird. Ultimately, go for a fast-paced rhythm, film all your content vertically, and use multiple clips and jump shots.

Pro TikTok tip: Adding trending songs and sounds will help your TikToks come to life.


While it’s true that TikTok seems to get all the attention, Instagram is hardly a second-place video content contender. With its TikTok-clone feature Reels, Stories function, and Video Posts, Instagram is proving to prioritize video content. The platform encourages users to stay on its platform for as long as possible; algorithmically, businesses would do well to capitalize on this.

You may have to experiment with Instagram to determine which types of videos best reach your audience. For example, Reels are best suited to reaching wider audience segments. Video Posts are better for engaging your existing followers.

Like on TikTok, your Instagram video content needs to overflow with sincerity. You don’t have to be peppy or “jumpy.” Interviews with your founders, product demonstrations, or behind-the-scenes corporate peeks are all fair game. The key is to be real. This straightforward Space Yacht Instagram video post checks off all the engagement boxes and shows viewers what to expect when they attend a branded event.

Pro Instagram tip: Use Video Posts when your video is less than a minute long and is more on the produced side. Save the “look at this cool video!” collateral for discovery in Reels.


Long-form content? Short-term content? Yes and yes. That’s the upside of YouTube, the world’s second-largest search engine. Having real estate on YouTube is like setting up your shop in the middle of the busiest metropolitan city in the world. You have a great location, but you need to stand out from the crowd. The best way to is with an authentic video.

Remember, YouTube is a place where people tend to browse recommended videos. The more genuine and interesting your brand videos, the higher the chance that you’ll build a loyal following.

It wouldn’t take you long to find a video to inspire your marketing endeavors. See Binging With Babish. The channel does a great job of communicating Babish’s brand by entertaining viewers with casual, humorous, and lighthearted videos — all while educating them about cooking.

Pro YouTube tip: Pay attention to your keywords when describing your videos. They’re integral to capturing relevant viewers and directing them to your content.

Authentic B2B marketing means leaving behind the goal of perfection and instead focusing on connection. Video marketing is a great way to show off your brand’s genuine essence and, as a result, connect with your audience on a deeper level.


  • Hope Horner is CEO and founder of Lemonlight Video Production, a company that produces branded video content at scale. Hope is a three-time entrepreneur who has been featured in Inc., Entrepreneur, Forbes and other publications highlighting her successes in the Silicon Beach community over the past decade.

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Hope Horner
Hope Horner
Hope Horner is CEO and founder of Lemonlight Video Production, a company that produces branded video content at scale. Hope is a three-time entrepreneur who has been featured in Inc., Entrepreneur, Forbes and other publications highlighting her successes in the Silicon Beach community over the past decade.

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