5 Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic

You can be a serious entrepreneur who invests in a great website and content and still feel like something is not right. The higher conversion rates you were hoping for aren’t coming your way. You have pegged a lot of hope on your website to bring in dollars from the online market, but your hopes have been frustrated at every turn. You need to go back to the basics and figure out how to drive more website traffic. There can never be any conversion rates without online users finding your website. Even if you have a world-class website, nobody will see it if you don’t focus your efforts on increasing online traffic.

Online traffic is more important to business growth than many entrepreneurs care to admit. It is an indicator of how your business is doing against close competitors, it boosts your online reputation, it is the key to your site’s SEO credibility, and, as we have alluded to earlier, it is the bottom line of all conversions. Online traffic helps you interact with customers and gather insights on what they think of your brand, so you are able to improve accordingly. In that regard, what you need is not just traffic: You need quality traffic. 

Here are five tips that will help you drive online traffic that can convert to business:

Leverage your email list

Email marketing is among the oldest marketing strategies, but it is as effective today as it was a decade ago. You cannot ignore this approach even as much as you phase off traditional marketing approaches from your advertising strategy. The key to leveraging email marketing is to create a list of reliable clients and then provide them with high-value content on a regular basis. If the content has a sharing option and is compelling enough, these loyal clients will readily share with their friends on social media and encourage them to subscribe to your monthly newsletter.

Promote your content on social media

Social media is the greatest marketplace of our times. You will reach millions of potential online visitors if you optimize your content on social media. Start by producing great content and then invest in social influencers and paid social media ads to get the content out there. Remember to link your social media pages with your website.

Utilize on-page SEO

There are many on-page SEO changes you can make to boost your website traffic. One way of doing this is to ensure that the content you publish is helpful to the visitors, it is entertaining, and it is compelling enough to be shared. Another way is ensuring that your pages have concise meta descriptions and title tags. Last but not least, make your page navigable and user-friendly. Anything that makes new visitors stick around and engage with your content for more than a minute is great for your on-page SEO and overall SEO ranking.

Start blogging

Creating powerful landing pages for your site and ignoring the need for a blog will not attract as many online visitors as you imagine. One limitation of landing pages is that their content doesn’t change much. You can have the same content on a page for over a year. Blogs, on the other hand, allow you to add new content to your site as often as you wish. It gives online visitors a reason to keep coming back.

Target long-tail keywords

Many online searchers type short keywords on their browsers, which makes it sensible to prioritize these keywords in your content. However, as searchable as they are, statistics show that they don’t always rank highly as long-tail keywords. It is advisable that you target both long and short keywords in your content.


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