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3 Ways AI-powered Technology is Elevating Sales Roles

3 Ways AI-powered Technology is Elevating Sales Roles

Here are three ways that Generative AI is transforming the role of the sales development representative and - finally - giving it a well-deserved upgrade.
Five steps to closing deals

The Step That Will Never Go Away

Somewhere along the journey from hard sell to sales funnel, we have lost a key skill in the seller’s toolkit: the close. A closer look at what we're struggling with.

How Do You Build a CRM Strategy that Works?

Whether a business has never invested in a CRM system before, or if they’re in need of a refresh, it’s never too late to assess your CRM strategy.
5 Key Differences Between a Fractional CMO and a Full-Time CMO

5 Key Differences Between a Fractional CMO and a Full-Time CMO

The trend toward hiring fractional executives is proving to be an effective solution for some companies. Here's what to know about fractional CMOs.

How to Reduce Costs and Accelerate Timelines through Launch Marketing

While the platforms and tactics used when launching are similar to those that existing businesses use in their day-to-day brand marketing or e-commerce marketing, the underlying strategy will be more nuanced, precise and unique.

Expand Your Business Ecosystem with 3 Steps

Building a strong business ecosystem may require a lot of effort, but your business will certainly reap the benefits for years to come.

Measuring and Personalizing Customer Experience with Conversational Analytics

With the need for faster and more flexible solutions, companies are employing conversational artificial intelligence (AI) and self-service channels to enhance the customer experience.

Simple Steps to Creating an Inclusive Workplace

No two customers are the same and an organization’s sales force needs to be as diverse as its customer base. More inclusive and diverse...

6 Tips for Connecting In the Current Environment

COVID-19 has disrupted standard business practices in countless ways. For those fortunate enough and able to work remotely, adjusting brings its own challenges. From...

Firing Up the Revenue Engine Post-Crisis

We’re currently in the midst of one of the worst health and economic crisis this country and world has ever seen. That’s the bad...

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