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Breaking Down Barriers: Becoming a Sales Leader as a Black Woman

Breaking Down Barriers: Becoming a Sales Leader as a Black Woman

Black women who are sales managers shouldn’t be the exception; we should be part of the rule. Here are the three ways I was able to break down those barriers on my journey to becoming a sales manager.

How to Convince the CMO It’s Time for a New Email Service Provider

Email marketing has become a key piece of many companies' growth strategy. You can't afford to have the platform that helps you send it become one of things threatening to inhibit that growth going forward.

Sales Enablement and Digital Marketing Lead Sales Budget Increases in 2022

2021 was a year of growth through transformation for many companies. In 2022, chief sales officers must invest their budgets wisely to return to growth through more traditional approaches.
How Sales Teams Can Thrive in a Remote Work Environment

How Sales Teams Can Thrive in a Remote Work Environment

Digital organization, preparation and leading with your value are vital to success in an environment that is unlikely to return to the old ways of selling.

6 Traps that Catch New Sales Managers

The skill sets and mind-sets that create great salespeople often don’t translate well to supervisory roles.

5 Ways Coaching Elevates Sales Performance

Sales coaching and development helps drive consistent sales rep behaviors across the entire team and elevates average performers to become top-performing salespeople.

How to Target a B2B Audience With Mobile Marketing Strategies

Consumer marketing campaigns have to take mobile phone marketing strategies into consideration. It should be no different for B2B campaigns.

How to Use Sales Competencies to Create a Cadence of Continuous Improvement

Competencies are talked about in HR and talent circles, but less commonly in sales.

Smart Deployment of Marketing and Sales Technology in B2B Sales

Personalizing the B2B sale while being mindful of new privacy laws that are coming, and how to deal with the proliferation of marketing technology and revenue technology tools. A discussion with Gino Palozzi, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Dun & Bradstreet.

5 Advantages of Virtual Simulations for Developing Sales and Service Teams

Customers are more critical than ever. Here's how learning and development can build customer service capabilities and contribute to success.

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