8 Lead Generation Techniques That Are Both Simple and Effective

There are many lead generation techniques, but these eight are simple to execute and get the job done.

There are many ways to generate leads in the modern era, but it can be hard to know which ones are best to focus on, what you can get from each other, and most importantly, whether the techniques you’ve chosen will provide you with value.

With this in mind, today, we’re going to talk through the eight simplest yet most effective lead generation techniques out there, all designed to help you make the best choice for you. Let’s get straight into it.

Use Social Media

Let’s start with the basics. Social media is an effective way to generate leads, as long as you’re using it in the right way. Having an active profile is a great way to build your brand and attracts new users. You might not get a turnaround straight away, but this is a great way to grow over time.

Send Effective Emails

There’s no denying that email marketing is the most effective way to generate profitable leads for your business. Sure, there are exceptions, but studies show that this is the case. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t just send content out and hope for the best.

You need to send effective emails that provide value in the lives of your readers and have purpose, rather than just mindlessly sending.

Try Influencer Marketing

While a lot of businesses could take or leave influencer marketing, it can be a great way to draw in new followers and get more leads for your business, especially if you’re running a sales event or special dedicated links that are exclusive to the person you’re working with.

The trick here to successfully working with influencers is to pick the right people to work with. You need to make sure the influencers have an audience that’s going to be interested with you, and you make sure what is expected from the influencer is well-defined because you go into business with them.

Post Optimized Blog Content

“Quality blog content goes a long way since blog posts are a great way to share value with your readers, get them engaged in your business, and make them want to know more about you. However, the key to success blog content is just that: providing people with value,” shares Nikki Marie, a tech writer at Originwritings and Britstudent.

If you’re heavily promoting to people through your blog and not much else, your readers are going to get pretty bored pretty quickly. Instead, follow the basic rule that 80% of your content should be valuable, and 20% can be promotional.

Guest Posting

Guest posting, or writing a blog that links to your website and posting it on someone else’s blog, is big business because it works so well. You’re basically sharing an audience with another website which is a great way to send followers and interested people to each other.

However, you need to make sure you’re choosing websites and blogs that are similar to you and have a connection where the people reading what you have to offer are going to be interested in what you have to say.

Website Visitor Tracking

“Only 5% of people who come to your website will make a purchase there and then, so what about the other 95%? You need to get them to come back, which means remarketing to them wherever they go, but how do you find that out? You do it through pixel tracking. There are plenty of tools out there to do this, so do some research and find out which are best for you!” explains Sarah Coombes, an expert at Write My X and 1day2write.

Develop a Customer Referral Program

These programs can be so beneficial to your business because potential customers will be recommended by existing customers, which is like reading an Amazon product review and seeing whether or not you want to buy what someone else had.

This is known as social proof, and it’s a great way to get people onboard since they’re trusting that other people had a great experience and want the same.

Mastering Video Content

I’ve left this point until last because I know creating and producing video content for your business can be an expensive venture, and it’s not for everyone. True, it doesn’t have to be expensive, and you could just use a phone camera and have fun with it, but if that casual style of video quality doesn’t suit your brand, then I wouldn’t recommend using it.

However, if you have the budget to produce quality video content, or you’re happy to use the casual video style, then it’s definitely something you should be thinking about since video is king and queen, and so many people engage with this style of content.


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    Regina Wheeler is a business marketing consultant at Academicbrits.com and Phdkingdom.com. She wants to help businesses open their eyes to new opportunities with their customers. She also writes for Nextcoursework.com.

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