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Enhancing Productivity with AI-Driven Speech Coaching

The integrated use of conversation intelligence, like Bigtincan’s VoiceVibes product, enables organizations to streamline the often-elongated process of developing buyer-ready sales teams using AI-driven speech coaching and rehearsing.

The 3 Es of a More Humanized Workplace

Humanizing workforce productivity through the lens of the “three Es” – work effectiveness, work efficiency and workforce empowerment.

When Self-Driving Cars Drive Your Sales Process

Just as cars have different levels of autonomous driving capabilities, which they have achieved or will achieve over the coming years, so too do sales processes — ranging from primitive CRMs to complex intelligent assistants that will revolutionize how reps sell.

How to Broach a Lack of Engagement

Telling a supervisor that you are not engaged with your work is a risky proposition. Employers need to make it less so by making it clear that they want every worker to derive as much meaning and satisfaction from their job as possible. These steps will help.

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New Focus Report: Developing Self-Driven Teams

Shifts that occurred during the pandemic and that continue to change the work world have made managing and motivating teams more challenging than ever. Here’s how to keep employees positive, productive and performing at high levels.

Discussing Disengagement Can Be Part of the Fix

Taking a “don’t ask, don’t tell” approach to employee disengagement hurts both the employee and the employer. Better to have candid conversations that address the issues and determine if a win-win solution can be reached.

Negotiating with Confidence

Negotiating with respect and being cordial during a negotiation doesn’t mean being a pushover either.

What Is Omnichannel Marketing And Why Should You Be Doing It?

In a world where convenience is king and complete flexibility is expected, businesses that are not seamlessly connecting their various sales and marketing channels are likely to lose out to their more agile competitors.

Guided Selling Tools Are a B2B Game-Changer

New technologies in guided selling like a commerce logic engine are not only meeting customers’ increasingly self-service expectations today, but will be driving B2B e-commerce solutions well beyond the next decade.

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