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Complete Recession Survival Guide for Engagement and Productivity Launched by ::i::Incentive ::/i::Magazine

::i::Incentive's Complete Survival Guide::/i:: presents the incentive industry with a powerful tool to combat the recessionary slump.

Challenging economic times present opportunities for those who know how to take advantage of them. Executives and planners looking for the best ways to motivate employees and run an incentive program during the recession will want to pick up Incentive's Complete Recession Survival Guide, now available on Incentive's Digital Mall.

This extensive, four-volume Guide is an expanded version of Incentive's February 2009 issue, which includes not only all of the expert insight, strategies and research from that special print edition, but a wide range of additional exclusives not available in print or online.

The Complete Recession Survival Guide includes:

Volume I: The Road to Recovery

* An illustrated map of how we got into this financial mess, in 16 steps

* Strategies for executives running dealer sales, engagement and consumer incentive programs

* Examination of each of the seven major industries utilizing incentives and what smart executives are doing to make their programs succeed

* Expanded responses from the members of Incentive's Editorial Advisory Board, discussing what they’re advising their clients to do and how the industry as a whole can turn these challenges into opportunities

*And much more

Volume II: Strategies

* Christi Gibson's suggestions on how to tame the tusks of that recession elephant in the room

* A look at the latest incentive research—the unpleasant and the reassuring

* James Feldman's take on the "Nature versus Nurture" debate and what it means for incentives

* An interview with experts from Rideau Recognition Solutions and the Human Capital Institute on why money matters less than you think when it comes to boosting morale

*Chester Elton's look at how great leaders use recognition as a way to build confidence, focus employees on the right behaviors, and retain and engage their key people

* And much more

Volume III: Management, Sales and Marketing

* David Johnston offers five goals for creating a better and more successful sales compensation strategy—and positioning yourself for growth in 2010

* Jim Dittman has a different take on the effects of the recession, arguing that weeding out the incompetent helps the strong survive

* Author Arupa Tesolin on how the recession offers the chance to seed innovation that will allow your business to better position itself for when things turn around

* Paul Hebert discusses how recessions can challenge, but they are the ideal time to get a step or two ahead of the other guys

* Giving Back is the new face of incentives, according to Incentive's corporate social responsibility columnist, Geraldine Gatehouse

* And much more

Volume IV: Travel, Awards and Gift Cards

* How to make incentive travel work, from redefining the "open bar" to getting executives more involved in the trip

* Brian Martenis on travel's new challenges and timeless value as an award

* Gift cards prove to still be a top choice, as Incentive speaks with industry members

* Ley Borlo discusses how, in some ways, the philosophy of why and how to motivate performance has not changed much, but the technology has

* A look at the rise in short-term sales incentives, and how merchandise is helping companies achieve success in small steps

* And much more

The Complete Recession Survival Guide serves as a powerful reference for executives and planners seeking to survive and thrive during tough times, and position themselves for greater success for both the short and long term.

Visit the Incentive Digital Mall to learn more and purchase a copy of the complete guide.

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