New Report Links Exhibit Industry, Digital Marketing

Digital media is playing an increasingly prominent role in exhibitions and event marketing programs around the <br clear="none" /> globe&#x2014;and it's giving the exhibition industry the tools necessary to extend the life of their live events.<br clear="none" /> <br clear="none" /> This was the conclusion of a recent report produced by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research and George P. Johnson. Based on the responses of 287 senior marketers and exhibition management executives, the report was funded in part by a grant from the Exhibition Industry Foundation.<br clear="none" /> <br clear="none" /> "The results of the study indicate that organizers are using digital flash media to continue providing the content from an event throughout the year," says Cathy Breden, executive director of the Center for Exhibition Industry Research. <br clear="none" /> <br clear="none" /> "Both [exhibitions and digital marketing channels] are rooted in communities of interest, dialog, relationships, interactivity and highly personalized experiences," adds Doug Ducate, president and CEO of the CEIR. <br clear="none" /> <br clear="none" /> What's more, Ducate notes, is each channel eliminates the weakness of the other. <br clear="none" /> According to the report, 95 percent of exhibition producers and 87 percent of corporate brand managers rank e-mail marketing as the most used digital marketing tactic. Yet only 40 percent of respondents consider digital marketing to be a vital component in the execution of live events. <br clear="none" /> <br clear="none" /> One of the key findings, Breden says, was the use of technology to help communicate messages throughout the year. Some 71 percent of respondents indicated they use virtual media to accommodate workforces and customers that are spread around the world. "It's just another avenue for both exhibitors and organizers to be able to connect all the different elements," she adds.<br clear="none" /> <br clear="none" /> A live panel will discuss the report's findings in an upcoming Webcast, to be held Thursday, June 4, at 11 a.m. To register for the webcast visit, <a href="" target="_blank"></a>. For more information, visit <a href="" target="_blank"></a>. A PDF of the report will be available for download at the Website beginning June 8.