Revamped & Reinvigorated

I think we all could use some good news right about now. So as the new editor-in-chief, I'm happy to unveil some major changes at Sales & Marketing Management (SMM)&#x2014;the first of which I'm sure you've already noticed: our new streamlined logo and tagline.<br clear="none" /><br clear="none" />Next, we are increasing exponentially our digital news and online content. As the world&#x2014;and your sales and marketing management needs&#x2014;continues to change at warp speed, we know how crucial it is to have the latest information and analysis at your fingertips when and where you want it. Thus, beginning in March, all of the feature articles and many of the columns&#x2014;including Smart Sales, Smart Marketing, Smart Management and Brian Tracy University&#x2014;you've come to know and rely on in the pages of SMM now will be found and updated regularly at instead of in print. This allows us to provide you with enormously more content as the Web is not constrained by space limitations. Check the Website for our new editorial calendar chock full of upcoming articles, including "Top 10 Sales Questions During a Bad Economy" and "Demystifying the Sales and Marketing Disconnect."<br clear="none" /><br clear="none" />We've also revamped our e-newsletter&#x2014;which now is called SMM Monitor and will be delivered to your desktop every other Tuesday beginning in March. It will feature "news"&#x2026; relevant information on the sales and marketing management industries that you can use to impact your business. To receive the e-newsletter, sign up at<br clear="none" /><br clear="none" />On the print side, during the remainder of 2009, subscribers will receive five newly formatted "white papers" that focus on the following topics: Talent Management, Outsourcing, Technology/CRM, Retail and Travel/Hospitality. Each of these white papers will feature best practices, case studies, and executive Q&As, as well as research, to support your changing efforts in sales and marketing . In November, in conjunction with the 2009 Survey of Buying Power (available digitally via, we will release in print an Executive Summary of the Survey of Buying Power. <br clear="none" /><br clear="none" />All SMM content&#x2014;digital and print&#x2014;will be generated and/or edited by our seasoned team of professionals. I've been a writer and editor for the last 17 years and currently also serve as editor-in-chief of sister publication, Training magazine. Jeremy Cohen continues on as managing editor of SMM&#x2014;a role he has filled for the last two years&#x2014;and Margery Weinstein, a four-year editor of Training magazine, will lend her writing and editing expertise (see photos at right). We look forward to being your up-to-the-minute sales and marketing resource and welcome your suggestions.