Two New CRM Products Launched

<b>Dexton Introduces iSales CRM</b><br clear="none" /> Dexton Software Corporation has introduced iSales, a new on-demand CRM application based on Dexton Software's ASE principles. Users get access to relevant relation management data and tasks hosted on a co-location, the only requirements being an iSales subscription and Internet browser. All desired relation management functionalities are being made available for a flat fee.<br clear="none" /> <br clear="none" /> <b>Traffic COP CRM Unveiled</b> <br clear="none" /> AutoSoft&#x2014;a provider of business software solutions for auto retailers&#x2014;has released its new Traffic COP CRM service. Traffic COP incorporates a new Declined Service tool to help the service department track and pursue lost business. Declined services opportunities are pulled from the AutoSoft dealer management system, facilitating the identification of customers who can potentially be enticed to return to the dealership.