11 questions every manager should know the answers to

Bill Catlette and Richard Hadden, authors of “Contented Cows Give Better Milk,” proselytize about the importance of managing for a happy workforce. Their concept of “sitting on the footlocker” encourages managers to interact with employees at all levels regularly and get to know them as people. Catlette and Hadden say every manager should know the answers to these 11 questions for everyone they manage.

5 high-payoff sales coaching activities

The consulting team at EcSell Institute identified five concrete and specific interactions that managers should consistently carry out that promote greater sales performance by the members of their sales team. Their findings, presented in a white paper that is available under the resources tab at ecsellinstitute.com, are based on over 80,000 coaching interactions from sales manager to sales person.

Do remote employees need to be recognized differently?

Employee engagement — the level of emotional connectedness to one’s job and employer — has been shown to be related to positive business outcomes (increased profitability, reduced staff turnover, improved customer service ratings).

The upside of workplace engagement

According to Gallup, improving employee engagement strongly impacts the overall well-being of your business. Employee engagement was found to have the following effects:

Combating Disengagement: What can be done about workers’ lack of interest in their jobs?

Managers at every level across all industries crave engagement from their workers. They understand its positive effects on productivity, innovation, attendance and retention. They get it, but they don’t always know how to get it

Elevating the customer experience

In a 2018 survey, Bain & Company discovered that 80 percent of companies believe their customer experience is not only better than average, it’s “superior.” The trouble is that in the same survey, only 8 percent of customers believed they were receiving a superior experience.

4 building blocks for your SEO strategy

Before you can take your SEO to the next level, you need to know where you are now and what to do next. In a recent article for MarketingLand.com, e-commerce consultant Danielle Savin presented four building blocks that B2B brands can use to improve organic search performance.

Social proof: proceed with caution and contrast

I recently spoke with a company called Gong.io that recorded 48,000 B2B sales calls on Web conferencing platforms. Every call in the sales process was transcribed and analyzed with artificial intelligence. Next, some wicked-smart data scientists identified the use of “social proof” techniques such as telling customer stories, name dropping customers and other efforts to increase credibility by talking about current customers.

A conference on making the most of human capital

With the competitive environment for recruiting and retaining top-notch talent showing no signs of abating, staying current with trends in workplace motivation, recognition and rewards is essential. The Motivation Experience Conference & Expo will bring thought leaders together to discuss an array of workplace motivation and productivity topics. We asked Nick Gazivoda to provide more insight on this inaugural event.

Trendspotting within the branded currency world

Branded currency — gift cards, incentive points, credits and other non-cash platforms that businesses use for loyalty and incentive programs — have never been more popular. It’s important for companies that use branded currency in their promotional and recognition efforts to stay on top of the trends. That’s the stated purpose of the Flourish Conference, an educational event that is dedicated to understanding developments within the branded currency world. The third annual event is scheduled for April 1-3 at the Gwen Hotel in Chicago.

Leading by connecting to pain

In his 20s, Marc Lesser spent five years at Tassajara, the first Zen monastery in the Western world, located in the Los Padres wilderness in central California. He graduated from washing dishes to baking bread, to being assistant head cook. Eventually, Lesser spent a year as director of Tassajara.

How you sell could trump what you sell

Winning in a competitive market starts with having a top-notch product or service, but it doesn’t end there. How your reps sell is directly related too how much they sell, says Jason Loh, global head of sales solutions at Anaplan (anaplan.com), a Web-based platform for business planning.

Getting to why

There are a number of options for tourists to get to the 102nd floor of the Empire State Building and the sweeping views it offers of New York City. All but one of them requires waiting in long lines and going through security. The Express Entry pass allows the holder to go to the front of the line. It costs twice the price of regular entry.

Assessing soft sales skills during the interview process

A common mistake made by many sales managers is vetting potential candidates only for sales experience or industry experience. This criterion is important. However, equally important is interviewing for emotional intelligence skills, says Colleen Stanley, founder and president of SalesLeadership, Inc. In an article written for Modern Distribution Management, Stanley states that EQ is a key predictor of success in life and in business.

How 5G will impact digital marketing

The major wireless carriers have promised widespread availability of 5G networks by mid-year. With data rates up to 100 times faster than 4G LTE, which was already fast, many marketing professionals predict the fifth generation of broadband cellular technology will change the digital marketing landscape.