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Surviving a Downturn

Surviving a Downturn: 5 Things Every Salesperson Needs to Know

Whether we're in a recession or not, B2B selling is expected to hit some choppy waters in the near-term future. Here are five things your salespeople need to know.
Salest Tells

Is Anyone Really Buying? Playing Poker and Sales Tells

Six tells that you may encounter when selling and what you can expect from them.
Accelerate B2B tech sales and marketing

The 3 Recognitions That Accelerate B2B Tech Sales and Marketing Success

Here are the three best practices that marketing and sales teams at B2B technology companies should utilize to achieve shorter and more frequently successful paths to customer conversion.
leadership through adversity

Sales Leadership Through Adversity

Navigating these two categories of adversity, best described as macro and personal, are key to driving growth and employee retention.
Sales Quotas: The Harm of the Annual Start-Over

Sales Quotas: The Harm of the Annual Start-Over

Starting every sales rep over each year at zero penalizes top performers and rewards bottom performers. It’s important to find ways to reward top performers and maximize inspiration for your team.
sales and marketing alignment

How Marketing and Sales Teams Work Hand in Hand to Succeed

When sales and marketing teams align properly on virtual events, the sales cycle can be shortened and smarter decisions can be made about who to target, which can lead to positive revenue outcomes.
poor sales presentations

Stop Losing Deals Due to Poor Presentations

If your team's sales presentations follow the same tired formula that everyone else uses, you won't stand out, you won't be remembered, and you probably won't close enough deals. This eight-step presentation structure will solve that.
Keeping Customers Happy Starts With Employee Experience

Keeping Customers Happy Starts with Employee Experience

For businesses where frontline employees are closely linked with customer experience, the impact of employees’ mood and attitude on customer satisfaction is glaringly clear.
sales enablement can improve virtual selling

How Sales Enablement Can Improve Virtual Selling

Virtual selling will continue to play a pivotal role in sales organizations, whether they have fully remote, in-person or hybrid work environments. But with its wide adoption comes a new skill set to learn.
Product-led growth

Product-Led Growth: The Way Forward for B2B SaaS Companies

Product-led growth (PLG) has become a favorite go-to-market strategy that uses your product to acquire, activate and retain customers. Here are three ways that product-led B2B SaaS companies can drive pipeline growth.

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