4 Steps to Better Strategic Content Development

Rilind Elezaj

Everything starts with content. If your content development strategy is right from the beginning, the rest will follow. Things have changed, and today your content will not rank high just because it is SEO friendly. The quality of the content determines the feedback you will receive. Great content will inform, instruct, tell your story, entertain and sell both goods and services.

Strategic content is well organized, targeted and well managed. Strategic content communicates the right ideas, targets the appropriate audiences and achieves the set goals. If you aim at developing quality content, you will also reap immense benefits in SERP rankings. The key to producing top-notch content is adopting strategies that will work and deliver the required results. Don’t generate content for the sake of churning out content. Here is a four-step approach to developing stronger content.

1. Set your goals

Any great content targets a specific audience and objectives. You must answer these questions:

  • Why am I developing this content?
  • What do I wish to accomplish with this content or am I just passing a message?
  • Is the content aimed at drawing new customers or am I winning back lost customers?
  • Is the content directed at creating awareness, or to boost sales?

With the right goal, you will find the right contact strategy to apply. Different content appeals to different goals and audience. Content that will boost sales might be inferior in brand awareness. Different segments of the society need different approaches and strategies. Once you identify your goals, you will prepare the right content targeted at the right group.

2. Discover your audience

Once you have identified the goals of your content, the next step is to make sure the message gets to the right audience. Determine where your prospective audience visits, the sites they visit and the social media forums they get content from. Google’s demographic and interests will come in handy in providing this information. You will discover the best sites and social media platforms to post your content. The main agenda of creating content is to increase the time people spend on the content, increase page viewership and influence their behavior.

3. Stick to your niche

You will develop strategic content if you stick to your niche. You cannot be a master in all. Sticking to your lane is critical. Tell people what you know best. The web is full of irrelevant information, created without strategy and to the wrong audience. There is no point in writing content that people won’t read.

Any visitor to your site will revisit the website and share the information with other forums if they get their queries answered. The more you narrow to a specific field, the better content you generate. Readers are hungry for relevant, unique content that adds value to their lives.

4. Quantify your successes as you listen to your audience

One of the best ways to measure the success of your content development strategies is analyzing the feedback you receive from your readers. With this, you get to know if your message was clear, specific and if you answered the questions that your target audience had.

Google Analytics will help you get information on how many people visited your content and how much time they spent there. You will find out how many shares your content got on social media platforms. This is a simple guide that will allow you to establish the quality of your content.

According to Jon from DLCompare, “Data analysis is an excellent tool for assessing the effectiveness of your content development strategies, the best feedback will come from your target audience. Ask for feedback from them. Allow them to share their views on the subject.”

Respond to negative feedback; this is where you get the best information that will help you make the necessary changes and improvements in your content development strategies.

A Process, Not A Goal

Keep learning and improving each day. In the process, you will experience obstacles and trials. If you endure the challenge, you will finally get the recipe for developing strategic content. Content that is specific and appealing to the readers. These four approaches will bring dramatic changes in your endeavor to create unique and valuable content for your readers and achieve the desired results.

Rilind Elezaj is an experienced digital marketing specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. In his methodological approach, Rilind integrates web development and other digital marketing solutions to create hybrid strategies that bring the best results.