5 Changes to Your Office Environment That Can Boost Sales Effectiveness

Dean Stier

All successful sales teams share common qualities regardless of what industry they are in. Winning teams have a strong culture of communication and know what their goals are, they are part of a collaborative environment where best practices can move throughout the organization. They are comprised of energetic self-starters that are hungry to close the deal.

But even the best sales team needs the right environment to thrive in. A recent study on happiness in the workplace, conducted on behalf of National Business Furniture and Kelton Global, revealed interesting insights on how office environments are affecting the comfort and productivity of employees.

In fact, according to the study, nine out of 10 working Americans signal that there is at least one aspect of their physical workspace that would make them unhappy. As unhappiness breeds ineffectiveness, it’s important to seriously consider how your workspace is impacting your sales team.

Fortunately, there are a few relatively simple changes you can make to your office that will allow your sales team to thrive:

Cut the clutter

Of all the factors leading to discontentment within an office setting, having a cluttered work area was cited by nearly two-thirds (62%) of respondents. It’s no wonder cluttered offices are so common—countless tasks and poor organization tools lead to piles of “I’ll get right to that.” In no time, that clutter becomes mental baggage that weighs on us constantly. Help your team stay organized by giving them proper storage and accessories. Better yet, encourage them to take blocks of time every few weeks to “clear the clutter.” Giving your team a set time to clear their areas will work wonders for creating a focused workspace.

Increase physical comfort

More than half of the respondents that stated they were unhappy with their physical workspace attributed their unhappiness to an uncomfortable work area. We spend a vast amount of our waking hours sitting in our chairs at our desks. From a comfort and a health standpoint, it is critical to have a comfortable, supportive chair. Look for chairs that have ergonomic support and be sure the chair fits the person that’s sitting in it. One chair certainly does not fit all. As far as desks go, having an adjustable-height desk allows your team to move throughout the day—an even better way to maintain health and focus at work.

Provide privacy with flexibility

The rush to tear down cubicles and replace them with open-concept offices started out of good intentions. But as the maze of cubes came down, so did privacy and the ability to focus. Open-office spaces provide a great catalyst for collaboration which will help your sales team share learnings. But don’t forget to add spots within the office where your team can work quietly and away from others. Creating flexible “zones” within your space can allow the best of both worlds—an open, active area for outward work, and quiet, calm areas for focus and introspection.

Provide the right technology

Access to modern technology is critical in keeping your team satisfied. Close to one-third (32%) of respondents said that having multiple computer monitors on their desks is key to their satisfaction. Dual-monitors—once a perk found only in tech and trading operations—are now a necessity in today’s multitasking environment. The productivity that’s gained by not having to tab through multiple windows far exceeds any cost in providing multiple monitors with monitor arms.

Spruce up your break room

It may seem counterintuitive to think about the breakroom when coming up with ways to boost effectiveness and productivity, but nothing boosts effectiveness better than a good break. Having a bright and cheerful breakroom will do wonders for everyone in the office. The breakroom is like the central nervous system of your office. It’s where people come together, share experiences and refresh their minds from the day’s work. Replace those ancient tables and chairs with new, colorful ones. Add some couches or plush chairs too. Spending just a little bit in your café will go a long way in giving your team a rejuvenating break.

Remember that the physical space your sales team operates in contributes or detracts to their effectiveness just as much as anything else. Take some time to improve your space and your team’s performance.

Dean Stier is chief marketing officer for National Business Furniture, a company dedicated to helping people create amazing workplaces through beautiful design and furniture.