5 Free Online Sales Tools to Empower Your Sales Team

Jessica Thiefels

Your sales team is a digital workforce, 81 percent of which use tools to identify new leads. Empower them by providing your team with tools that they can use and customize for their own workflow and preferences. The following web and mobile apps can be used to track sales, personalize emails and spend less time scheduling – all of which will empower your employees to close more sales.


Organization is critical in sales and Trello is a great tool for empowering your sales team to own their own processes. The cool part is, Trello is all about giving people interesting and valuable ways to use their tool.

As such, they have an entire page dedicated to examples of how your sales team can stay organized—and close more deals – with their product. Head to their Sales Inspiration page, where you’ll find examples for a CRM Pipeline, Enterprise Feature Requests, Sales Pipeline, Sales and Legal Contracts and more.

Take it a step further and check out their blog post “How to Manage a Killer Sales Funnel With Trello” to get more tips and ideas.


Your sales team may know about the business they’re selling to, but what about the person? Clearbit makes this possible while reducing the time sales people spend on researching: “The average sales team spends over half their time on prospecting and lead research. Clearbit automates these efforts so your reps can focus on what matters—closing deals,” explain the creators.  

Clearbit can be used as a Gmail add-on, showing personal details of the person to the right of the email being sent based on their email address. This is called Clearbit Connect, and is a free product that also allows your sales team to search for specific contacts within companies. The limit is 100 searches per month right now.

If you have budget to upgrade, you can check out their paid products, such as Enrichment, Prospector and Reveal. These connect with tools like Salesforce and Google Analytics, allowing you to find more valuable information to close the sale.

Cut Your Costs Calculator

Coupons get a bad rep because of one main concern: “By nature, coupons cut into profits. Therefore, you must increase your revenue to maintain that profit,” explains CouponBox, the creator of this tool.

Yet, providing potential customers with sales and discounts on the spot is a great way to increase conversions. Have your sales team bookmark this free online tool. When an opportunity arises, they put the customer on hold, and input numbers quickly and easily to determine what deal makes the most sense for the business and the customer.

CamCard Lite

Despite living in a digital world, your sales team likely gets business cards from many prospects and managing them is a pain. While there are many apps available to scan business cards with your phone, CamCard stands out because it’s scalable. CamCard Lite is free—allowing you to test it with your team before investing.

When and if you’re ready, you can choose to upgrade and integrate with Salesforce, so your team can scan and access contacts quickly and easily via a tool they already use. Bonus: You can test this upgraded version for free as well.

CamCard is available for Android adn iOS.


Emailing times and dates back and forth is not only tedious but it’s inefficient. Five or six emails later, your sales person has likely spent 20 minutes checking their calendar, cross-checking that with the other person’s availability and then emailing more options back to that person.

Calendly Basic makes this process fast and easy. After integrating with whichever calendar app your sales associates use, they simply set availability preferences when meeting opportunities arise. They send the link generated to the person they’re meeting with who then chooses a time that works for them. The meeting is automatically added to your employee’s calendar and all they did was spend five minutes adding availability.

If everyone loves the tool, you can upgrade to Calendly For Teams, which costs a monthly fee.

Your sales team uses tools every day to connect with prospects, manage their time and more. Empower them to be better by using the best and most effective tools, like the ones discussed here.

Jessica Thiefels has been writing for more than 10 years and is currently a full-time writer, content marketing consultant and business owner. She’s been featured in Forbes and Business Insider and has written for Manta, LeadPages, Salesforce and more. Follow her on Twitter @Jlsander07 and connect LinkedIn.