5 Rules of Megavalue Selling

Mark Holmes

It is challenging to sell and differentiate value for any product or service, but it doesn't have to be complicated. Here are five rules of megavalue selling:

Verify value drivers – Accurately identifying each customer's value drivers is the chief priority for sales professionals. Most buyers feel like salespeople bring little or no value to the purchase decision. Reps should continually review the questions they ask and assess for clarity and effectiveness at identifying value drivers. Salespeople who know how to ask questions strategically have an advantage over rivals that don't.

Adapt your value message – Reps should always link their value to specific issues and drivers. Also, make a list of
the value drivers commonly overlooked by most customers. Consider how to introduce any unrealized value drivers into the discussion and why they are important.

Listen – Listening is a choice and a skill that makes selling value easier. It’s not the buyer’s responsibility to convey information clearly enough so the salesperson has a thorough understanding. That responsibility lies mainly with the seller. Reps should take notes and repeat what the buyer tells them, especially when the information is detailed or technical and the risk of misinterpretation is high.

Understand the buy – Knowing the customer’s buying process, timeline and decision influencers is like having the blueprints for constructing a building. A salesperson must be aware of the dynamics affecting a customer’s purchase and watch for sudden developments that can create hesitancy or urgency. It helps to build a thorough understanding of the internal politics, policies and business processes.

Emphasize evidence – Customers put faith in facts, not in worn-out claims or everyday sales pitches. Selling value effectively requires gathering the necessary evidence to justify value to uncertain or uninterested buyers. Think about the type of proof your customers would find most helpful and begin collecting this information. Gather any customer stories that can help support advantages where no other evidence may exist.

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