Age of Salesforce: Trends and Insights from Top Marketers

Jenny Richards

Salesforce users can upgrade themselves with the latest marketing initiatives in the digital age. The future of the marketing can be easily connected with the Salesforce.

Choice and Transparency: The customers will always look for transparency and choices. You can possess a tool called and can provide various options and experiences. Even in the nonprofit business, the customers seek choices and want transparency to know where their hard earned money is actually going. The authentic nature of this tool will help you understand your customers in a better way.

Customize in Improved Ways: One of the best marketing tools of the Salesforce is the customization tool. With the social media tool of Facebook, ad targeting has now become very easy. Facebook is more focused on relevant ads and user experience.

Salesforce Tools: With the Salesforce version control pilot tool, it is a never-ending journey. The data can be used for building experiences for the modern marketers. The customers can be provided with the resources in their preferred channels. The Salesforce tools can thus help in earning as well as retaining customers.

Virtual Reality: Retail stores are gradually turning into virtual shops. The shopping experience is more or less same as the physical stores. The Salesforce innovations will become more customer-centric with all the Salesforce software.

Video Trends: The process of telling stories has found a new way through the video. This instrument can really be effective for telling stories on behalf of the satisfied customers.

Email Scales: Email is still considered to be one of the best tools of the Salesforce. For example, in case of the nonprofit organizations, email can pull 50% of donations from the individual donors. The social profiles and groups can only fetch about 10 % donors according to a study.

Customer-Centric Innovation: All the innovations in the marketing world should be customer-centric in nature. Latest updates and changes can only satisfy the needs of the customers. Most of the marketing discussions and the Salesforce meetings will conclude with the ultimate customer satisfaction.

Salesforce Mobile App: With the Salesforce mobile app, you can easily customize and schedule your agenda. As the sessions are first come,first go, you are required to schedule your plans properly. You can also connect with other users of the Salesforce with the help of the app. As soon as you have downloaded the app, you can start earning the badges. You can easily collect the secret codes and can be a part of the leader board. The social networks will be on your fingertips with the help of the Salesforce app. You can just plug into CNX15 and share on Instagram, Twitter etc.

Salesforce E-book: The Salesforce e-book will help you to reconnect with your social team in a proactive manner. Brainstorming new ideas and applying them can be helpful through the e-book platform. You can also track missed opportunities and schedule your status to gain the maximum success. Finally, you can see the difference of using the e-book in the social community.

So, Salesforce has entered the digital world for gaining more popularity. The benefits can now be measured and tracked through different tools. The new e-book launched by Salesforce explains the power of social media in the modern digital world of marketing. The e-book also explains the measurable benefits of the customer-centric innovations.

Jenny Richards is a freelance content writer. She has written many articles on technology, business, marketing and sales.