How to Use Your Social Media Channel for More Sales

Kostas Chiotis

Consumers are becoming increasingly swayed by social media posts when it comes to purchasing a product or service, making it a great platform for sales. Increasing sales via social media content, campaigns and outreach is really important part of a marketing strategy these days. But how do you convert your social media followers to purchasing customers? Here are a few trending ways brands are using social media to forward their business.

Use influencers for branded content

This is one of the most popular ways businesses are using social media to get their brand out there. A popular athlete promoting your physical therapy website for example can do wonders for your brand. An influencer sharing a link to your website to relevant demographics can drastically improve your visitor numbers. Those social media influencers have real power out there when it comes to promoting businesses. But you need to choose the right influencer for you, so do your research, ask for their media kit and decide if it will be cost effective for you. Remember new regulations means sponsored posts and advertisements must be listed as so in some way.

Consider paid social media marketing

With some social media channels, Facebook for example, to get your page and business noticed you may need to pay for advertised posts. When considering paid social media marketing you should ensure there is a call to action somewhere in your ad. This way you will be able to measure the views and link clicks to track the progress of your advertisement. You may want to pay a social media marketer to do the work for you if your business is ready. That way you can give someone the responsibility to solely concentrate on converting your social media posts to sales.

Create interesting content

People will get very tired very quickly if you are constantly sharing adverts for your product and nothing else. Make your social media content interesting, get people to reply comment and engage with you and your brand. This will not only build up your customer base but will also improve your reputation as a business and followers will be more likely to shop with you in the future. You could also collaborate with bloggers and share their content which is relevant to your business. It shows you are not all about your own products but value other opinions too.

Share promotions and vouchers

Did you know you can create vouchers or promotions on social media? Well you can share your promotions and discounts via your social media channels meaning you are more likely to see a conversion to a sale once a customer has visited your website. Show your customers what a good deal you are giving them and reward loyalty. Offering new followers or new sign ups a special code will improve your sales and your customer base at the same time.

Can you improve your sales using social media? 

Social media is such an important tool for businesses today. So, make sure you use it to your advantage to convert those many followers and to loyal customers. Using these four tips above, you can improve your sales and influence and get your brand noticed through your social media channels. 

Kostas Chiotis is a blogger and a content marketing specialist. When he is not working he loves travelling and learning new things. You can find more about him by checking his blog