Meet your new team member: director of content

Someone or some team in your organization needs to own the content initiative or it may be doomed to fail before it even starts. Existing titles include chief content officer (CCO), content marketing director, vice president of content strategy or, most common, the content marketing manager (CMM).

The person in this role is vital to executing the goals that you set out to accomplish, beginning with curating strong content. The CMM will be the one to round up resources, whether internal or external, and organize them into a systematic assembly line, as well as ensure that the content conforms to company policy and the ethos of the brand, says marketing strategist Edwin Dearborn (

The website offers these tips for hiring a CMM:

Look for digital literacy. At bare minimum you will want a content manager that understands social networks, knows how to attract visitors to blogs and is familiar with the unique ecosystem of the Internet. You will want someone who understands how different parts of the Web connect to each other, and how to use certain platforms to bolster others.

Find someone who is literally literate. A good content manager has a clear grasp on the written word and how to manipulate it for different purposes. A background in content writing combined with a background in business is ideal.

Outsource to start. Many companies outsource their content needs, including the content manager, to reputable content writing services. This frees up time and provides an entire team of professionals. It also allows companies to see a content marketing team and manager in action before they hire one internally.