Top Tips When Taking A Client to the Super Bowl

Tony Knopp

There’s a reason companies spend billions of dollars each year on client entertainment: it works. Taking prospects and clients to a game can be a powerful way to deepen and advance your relationship. And when you take them to a once-in-a-lifetime event like the Super Bowl, the potential return can be limitless.

Last year, over 114 million people watched the Super Bowl. With that huge demand comes high prices. Getting tickets can be prohibitively expensive, but because companies get tickets and suites as part of their sponsorship packages, they are able to invite their clients to the game. If that happens to you, keep these do’s and don’ts in mind to make sure the experience is a positive one that will make them remember you and your company for a long time to come.

Don’t talk too much shop. Does this sound counterintuitive? It isn’t: being at the Super Bowl speaks for itself. It’s not necessary to discuss work or drone on about the new features of your latest product. They know why they’re there and it will come up. Once you and your client are at the game, be at the game. It’s four hours plus pregame, there is plenty of time to talk business without forcing the conversation.

Do book and confirm your dining reservation. When going to the world’s premier sporting event, you have to plan ahead. Make sure to choose a restaurant that fits the occasion and your client’s tastes. Find the best places to eat by reading the reviews ahead of time. As soon as possible, share your short list with the client and let him weigh in on the final choice. Book your reservation and confirm it the morning of game day. Many places are rented out in advance and if you wait, you may be left out.

Don’t shirk on transportation. It’s the Super Bowl. If you’re driving, make sure you know the parking arrangements ahead of time – from parking fees and availability to expected traffic congestion. If you rent a limo, read company reviews, reserve your ride in advance and confirm it before the event. Most importantly, make sure there is an agreement on the amount of time the limo and driver are actually reserved for you so you can move freely from hotel to restaurant to game to party without having to call a cab. And don’t even think about using ridesharing services. It’s the Super Bowl: you need to reflect that in all the choices you make. Every year there are guests shocked by how long it takes to park and get into the building. Leave yourself at least two hours.

Do remember the selfie. Capture the best moments of the day with your camera. This is going to be an event your client will never forget so make sure you to take some pictures. And don’t just share them all with your client that evening – save a few and use them in your later follow-up emails. This subtle blending of personal and professional is a big reason why companies invest in client entertainment.

Do your homework. Know which team your client will be rooting for. It’s OK if you don’t support the same team but take the time to learn about their favorite team, the players, the coaches, and all the rest. This will enable you to make pleasant conversation throughout the evening.

The Super Bowl is America’s epic sporting event. By sharing it with your client, you get them to see you in a completely different light than they see the other companies vying for their attention. By keeping these tips in mind, you’ll have an amazing experience that can result in a windfall for your company.

Tony Knopp is co-founder & CEO of InviteManager, a cloud-based platform and app that makes client entertainment easy and proves the ROI by providing convenient and simple tech to create events, invite guests, register and check-in customers and report on the effectiveness of each event in real-time. He can be reached at Tony@InviteManager and @TonyKnopp @InviteManager.