What's Your 'Le Grande Mac'?

Ross Huguet

The idea of the unique selling proposition (USP) isn’t new; it’s been around since the 1940s. But don’t brush it off as being out of date. This is a relevant and powerful tool for today’s marketing professional, CEO or Entrepreneur.

You are not the only person or company that does what you do. That’s a problem, isn’t it? Inevitably, there will be other talented capable companies in your market, claiming to deliver the exact same thing you provide. It does not matter whether or not these folks actually provide what they promise. It only matters that they create awareness. They create so much “noise” that unless you have a very distinctive “sound” yourself, no one will hear you over the crowd.

Your marketing efforts have to break through the noise; rising above the clamor. You have to literally toot your own horn and at the same time play a Pied Piper’s tune. You have to find a way to create for your company a position in the market that is desirably distinctive. In order to do a better job of delivering your message, turn to a time-tested business axiom, and create a truly meaningful unique selling proposition.

A bold USP enables you to differentiate your company. With access to such a huge market via the Internet, it’s more important than ever to differentiate. Your Unique Selling Proposition comes from within. Who are you? What makes your company unique? How can this be a direct benefit to your clients? Think of your own brand as a franchise.

When you think of Subway, you think sandwich; McDonalds and you think burgers. What do you want your prospects and customers to think when you or your company’s name is mentioned?

Keep it simple. We can’t expect prospects to remember too much. They already are overloaded with too much information! Make it easy for them to know what you do and to remember what you do and how it is unique from your competition. This is the power of a good USP!

Ross Huguet, aka “The Billion Dollar Voice” is an award-winning voiceover artist. You can find out more at rosshuguet.com or reach him at ross@rosshuguet.com.