Why Businesses Need to Take AMP Seriously

Rilind Elezaj

The digital age has necessitated radical transformations on how businesses optimize their online presence. More online users have turned to smartphones and tablets as their primary browsing devices, forcing web administrators to rethink their marketing strategies, particularly optimizing their websites for mobile.

This is the same reason that led to the adoption of the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) by the search engine giant, Google. AMPs load 85 percent faster than other web pages on mobile and that makes them attractive to mobile users. The debate now, however, is just how important is this new project by Google? Could it be just any other project that will lose track sooner or later? In the middle of this debate, one thing always stands out: AMP is bound to disrupt the global online space in an unprecedented way.

Let’s look at three compelling reasons why you, a business owner, need to take AMP seriously.

1. Mobile-friendliness is among Google’s search rankings algorithms

If you want to be visible online, you cannot ignore the online searchers on mobile devices. Google has, over the last three years, placed a lot of weight on mobile friendliness and is now ranking websites on how mobile-optimized they are. The search giant has on several occasions denied that AMP is among the factors it considers when ranking search pages but statistics prove otherwise. Multiple market studies have proved that AMPs rank higher on mobile than any other web pages.

Bottom Line: Considering that AMPs load in microseconds on mobile browsers, there is no better way of increasing your site’s mobile-friendliness. Incorporating AMP into your online platform is a sure way of impressing mobile users – and Google for that matter.

2. Google AMP increase websites’ conversion rates

More than 65 percent of all searches on Google today come from mobile browsers. Of these, half are likely to quit your website if it loads for more than two seconds. That means that with AMPs which load in less than a second, you stand a chance of retaining all of your mobile visitors. Other statistics indicate that your click-through rates are likely to double, while your site’s completion rates stand to hike by 15 percent. Remember that the more traffic you get and retain, the higher your chances of making new business leads. Combining all these increments, it is true to say that adding AMPs to your web content is a guaranteed way of increasing your overall conversion rates.

3. The future of AMP is looking up

This goes without saying that early tech adapters always stand a better chance of positioning better within their niche as compared to their direct competitors. The AMP project has been around for only three years, but it has shaken the global online space. If this trend is anything to go by, the future of AMP can only get brighter.

Back in 2016, web admins were skeptical about web pages without the revenue-generating ad pop-ups at the beginning, but it is now clear to everyone that loading speed has a bigger impact on online revenue than all other factors combined. As a matter of fact, business owners thought that AMPs were only applicable in news-related websites because, as it was then believed, mobile seekers wanted a platform where they would read the news online and then leave without necessarily interacting further with that platform. However, this is no longer the case. The emergence of AMP stories has caught the eye of many businesses, that they are thinking of integrating them within their websites. That is why businesses such as Ztorie have gone a step further and started offering a tool which helps businesses create stories for their portfolios.  

That being said, what can be said about the future of AMP? The full potential of this project is yet to be realized. If those who ignored it three years ago are now trying to cover their tracks, you definitely don’t want to do the same three years from now. If you don’t jump into the AMP wagon now, you may have a lot of catching up to do when your competitors will be running away with nearly all of your online prospective customers.

The significance of AMPs in online business cannot be overemphasized. It is incumbent upon you to employ all the legitimate tools to create AMP stories for your website so as to leverage the organic search results that AMP guarantee you on mobile. That being said, however, it is your duty to create compelling content for your audience, engage them productively on your site, and work on your SEO techniques so that the traffic you get from your AMPs can convert easily to loyal customers.

Rilind Elezaj is an experienced a Digital Marketing Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry.