Developing Digitally Savvy Leaders

Have a candid conversation – The CEO, chief human resources officer and the CIO should have a frank discussion about their leadership team’s digital savviness. Identify the digitally savvy leaders on the team and those who need training. Identify someone who will take the lead on bringing team members up to speed digitally.

Start with the key members – Upskilling five roles — CEO, CFO, head of marketing, head of corporate communications, and head of compliance and legal — has the most impact on company performance. Many companies use peer networking to start spreading digital savviness.

Expand the effort – Once these key leadership roles have become more digitally savvy, the goal should be to get at least 50% of your top team members to the same place.

Pursue the 10 performance differentiators – See the chart on page 3 for the factors that distinguish the high-performing companies that were studied. Those key areas will guide you on where to invest your digital transformation dollars.


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