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Direct Dials: The Secret to B2B Sales Success

If we told you just one direct dial phone number could help your sales team generate a million dollars in revenue, you probably wouldn’t believe us. Although it’s not that simple, it isn’t far from reality.

Today we explain exactly how direct dial phone numbers can improve your team’s connect rate, their productivity, and ultimately the amount of revenue they generate for your company.

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The Importance of Connect Rate

To understand the power of a direct dial phone number, we must first discuss connect rate. For those who aren’t familiar, connect rate—or reach rate—is the number of calls it takes for a sales rep to connect with a potential buyer.  According to industry research, the average connect rate is 18 calls per connection (source).

Let’s use a fictional scenario to illustrate just how important connect rate is. In this scenario you manage a 25-person sales team who each make 52 calls per day—the industry average (source). Assuming your team works 250 days a year, you would generate 1,063 more sales conversations per year if you improved your connect rate by just one call. Let that sink in. (See the math here: The Impact of Direct Dials on Sales Productivity)

Improve Your Connect Rate

Impressive right? So, naturally, the next question is: How do I improve my connect rate?

The easiest way for a B2B sales team to improve their connect rate is to use direct dial phone numbers.  Think about it, when you call a business’s main line, you rely on switchboard operators and receptionists to determine your fate. The more people you must go through, the less likely it is that you will reach your intended target. Consider these statistics:

  • It takes 22 minutes to connect with a prospect using switchboard numbers, compared to only 5 minutes using direct dials (source).
  • A sales rep using a direct dial is 46 percent more likely to reach prospects at the director level, than a sales rep not using a direct dial (source).
  • A sales rep using a direct dial is 147 percent more likely to reach prospects at the VP level than a sales rep not using a direct dial (source).

So, our original statement – that one direct dial could generate millions in revenue – was an exaggeration. But, as these statistics show, direct dial phone numbers have a significant impact on a team’s productivity. Here’s why: An increase in connect rate results in more sales conversations. Sales reps who have more conversations close more deals. And, of course, an increase in closed deals results in more revenue for your company.

Direct Dial Phone Numbers and Data Providers

In case you’re not sold on the power of the direct dial, consider this: Teams who have access to direct dial phone numbers are 375 percent more efficient than teams using headquarter phone numbers (source).

Now, you’re probably thinking, “Okay that’s great, but where do I get direct dials without spending hours researching my prospects?” Easy! For access to accurate direct dial phone numbers, partner with a reputable corporate contact database.

What’s not so easy, though, is deciding which B2B data company to work with. If you make the wrong choice and end up with inaccurate or out of date information, your sales outreach will be ineffective.  In our experience, the following tips will help you make the most informed decision:

  • Request a free trial to put each vendor’s data to the test.
  • Ask how often each vendor’s database is updated.
  • Determine where each vendor gets their data.
  • Check review websites to get customer feedback.
  • Make sure each vendor has the market segments you’re looking to contact.
  • Compare the supplemental services each data provider offers.

In the end, choose whichever company has the most accurate contacts within your target audience. For more information about selecting a data provider or prospecting tool, check out the following articles:

Key Takeaways

Access to direct dial phone numbers is an easy but significant way to improve your sales results.  Rather than leaving the fate of your calls in the hands of a switchboard operator, direct dial phone numbers give you immediate access to your prospect.

Why wouldn’t you invest in contact data?

Molly Clarke is a Web marketing manager at Zoominfo, a leading B2B data provider that helps companies accelerate growth and profitability. The continuously updated sales intelligence enables sales and marketing teams to execute more effective marketing campaigns and improve lead generation efforts.

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