Gift Cards Are Tailor-Made for Today’s Remote Work Trends

The COVID-19 pandemic turned “Zoom” into a verb and proved to be a boon for sales of everything from alcohol and pets to home improvement materials and streaming content services. It also boosted the use of gift cards in employer-sponsored incentive and recognition programs.

The Incentive Federation Inc. (IFI) reports that among companies that offer incentives, eight in 10 use gift cards in their program. That’s an increase from approximately 72% in a 2016 IFI survey.

With much of the world shifting to working from home overnight in March 2020, gift cards became the go-to vehicle to keep remote workers engaged and allow employers to show their gratitude. They can be delivered electronically, fit into any size budget, and provide the instant gratification that became so important as workers were separated from their colleagues and supervisors.

Gift cards have been an increasingly popular element of reward and recognition programs over the past decade or more. Ease of administration and the broad choice they can provide to recipients in terms of reward selection add to their appeal.

They also fit into nearly any type of program, whether it’s employee recognition, channel partner incentives, customer loyalty efforts or workplace safety initiatives.

If there is one confounding aspect of gift card use in recognition programs, it’s that companies continue to source gift cards through retail outlets rather than going through gift card suppliers that serve corporations and bulk purchases.

These suppliers can provide discounts and additional services that will enhance a reward and recognition effort.

Because gift cards are easy to deliver, it’s also easy to fail to properly recognize a recipient and make the reward more memorable. Recognition should be personalized to each recipient. Some may prefer one-on-one delivery from a supervisor while others enjoy more public praise in front of peers. As much as possible, managers should strive to understand each employee’s preference and follow through appropriately when delivering a gift card or any reward. Both one-on-one presentations and more public recognition should include a personable message highlighting specific examples of the recipient’s stellar performance.

Melt In Your Mouth Good
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Gift Card Solutions
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Digital and Physical Gift Cards
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Rewarding Charitable Contributions
Delight your employees and clients with the sweet gift of giving. Charity On Top gift cards are redeemable for any charity in the US so they can choose the one that has their heart. Tax-deductible, customizable, meaningful. Available for rewards catalogs via Incomm digital, NeoCurrency, UnwrapIt, and more! Visit or contact Kathy Selders at to order directly.

The Gift of Education
Gift of College gift cards provide a simple way to contribute to 529 college savings funds or help pay down student loan debt. They’re great for seasonal gifting, employee rewards, attracting and retaining talent, or incentivizing event attendees. Make people feel appreciated with the gift of a brighter tomorrow. Contact Anne Jetter at or call 402-510-8851.

Rewards Made Easy
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Charity Choice Cards
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The U.S. Bank Rewards Card
U.S. Bank Rewards Cards are a convenient way to thank and motivate remote employees or allow them to purchase supplies and accommodate traveling expenses. Available amounts range from $25 to $1,000. For more information, contact


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