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How Podcasting Can Engage B2B Buyers

As a marketer, one of your primary goals is to set your sales team up for success. One way to do this is by providing them with the killer content they need to successfully engage with your buyers. However, constantly spinning your wheels to create the latest and greatest marketing collateral to share with your sales team can be an incredibly exhausting task. 

That’s why podcasts are the perfect solution to your problem. 

Podcasts offer a creative way to engage your audience. The conversational nature of podcasting helps establish a connection with potential buyers and build stronger relationships with your current customers. Partnering with sales in your podcast efforts provides the ROI you’ve been looking for. Let’s dive into three new ways to energize your content marketing efforts and set your sales team up for success with your brand podcast.

1. Earn trust with unique brand expertise.

One of the best things about using brand podcasts is that they give you the opportunity to shine a light on your best subject matter expert in every scenario. Think about it. When you position your podcast at the center of your marketing and sales strategies, you’re showcasing your brand’s expertise through conversations with internal and external thought leaders. 

Because the first goal of your show is to offer value to your audience, your brand’s show is packed with valuable insights and industry expertise. This information is likely unique to your brand! Even if the guests you’ve had on have been on other shows, their experience and interaction on your show offer unique insights for your audience. 

When planning out your sales outreach, consider the opportunity you have to share parts of your show with your prospects on a one-to-one basis. Take that expertise that’s sprinkled within your show and earn trust by offering personalized playlists, targeted clips, and content that best resonate with your target prospect. 

The glory of podcasts, even in a sales role, is that they offer the innate ability to create intimate relationships with listeners. So if you focus on curating podcast content that resonates with the people you are looking to connect with, you’ll be working towards building a relationship that serves both parties involved. 

2. Include customer testimonials.

Customers are (ideally) your brand’s biggest champions, not to mention some of the greatest expert voices in your space. Your podcast is a great avenue to share what they have to say with the world. Featuring your customers in your brand podcast episodes goes a long way in building your brand’s presence. 

When you’re trying to showcase industry expertise and build trust with potential buyers, one thing that goes a long way is to hear from your customers. This often comes in the form of customer case studies and testimonials that specifically showcase results. But have you considered the value of a customer discussing their strategy in that process? 

Any marketer knows that some of the best sales content stems from times your customers do the talking for you. Having them on your show allows them to share their expertise with your audience, but also advocate for your brand by publicly sharing their first-hand experiences. In transcribing the episodes, you’ll unearth powerful testimonials from your customers. You can use that content to create audio clips or powerful blog posts to share with potential buyers. 

3. Map themes to your ABM strategy.

The beauty of ABM is that it’s a B2B sales and marketing powerhouse. Together, these two sides of the revenue-generating function can collaborate on a unified strategy that enables an ultra-personalized selling experience for a set of high-value, target accounts.

ABM is so critical to success, and the great news is, podcasting fits perfectly into your ABM strategy. You already have an idea of your audience’s pain points and how your company can solve them. You can utilize this knowledge to pull topics and clips from your show that address those target challenges for your sales team to use during conversations with prospects. Doing so allows you to personalize your efforts even further, providing the most relevant content to the right buyers.

The next time you catch yourself viewing your brand podcast as a marketing tool, remind yourself of the variety of ways it can also help your sales team create a bond with prospective buyers and current customers. Through testimonials and third-party expertise, your show creates a platform for your audience to engage with your brand in an entirely new way. 

Zachary Ballenger is the chief sales officer and co-founder of Casted, a podcast marketing platform built to give marketers a true return on effort through access, amplification and attribution of their brand podcasts and related content.

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