Incentive Solution Providers 2023

Channel Incentives Through Personalized Marketing
Gapp Group is a global, full-service, technology-centered company specializing in designing and managing channel marketing and end user rebate programs. The customizable platform allows for personalized participant marketing, emails, surveys and dashboards. New promotions, claim forms and communications can be created and deployed in minutes. Every company is different, and Gapp Group believes one size does not fit all. For additional information, contact Steve Puchalsky, at, or visit

Achieving and Exceeding Goals
People are an organization’s most important asset. Using data and behavior-driven methodologies, strategic design, creativity and empathy, HMI Performance Incentives believes that every company can achieve its growth and profit goals through a comprehensive incentive or loyalty strategy. Learn more about HMI Performance Incentives at

Future-Proofed Reward Programs
One10 helps organizations get the most from their incentive and recognition programs by unlocking the exponential impact of every employee across every interaction. Our proprietary PerformX® platform bundles easy-to-use- technology, engaging promotions, desirable rewards, insights and reporting. As team members hit desired targets and results, they earn points that can be redeemed for thousands of gifts, including merchandise, experiential travel, gift cards and charitable donations. Chris Herzberg at 515- 473-2999 or, or visit

Let’s Rally!
Quality Incentive Company (QIC) designs and administers custom sales and marketing incentive programs proven to boost performance and generate ROI from day 1. For a free demo and consultation, call 800-261-9745, email, or visit

Personalized Recognition Solutions
C.A. Short Company helps organizations build and foster a culture of appreciation through employee engagement, recognition and incentives. Behaviors that get recognized, get repeated. In today’s workplace, this is more important than ever. Contact C.A. Short Company at 800-535-5690, email, or visit


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