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The High Cost of Low-Tech Leadership

May 2021

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Systemizing Sales Microcoaching

Through four years of testing and development, SalesFuel created a sales microcoaching platform, SalesFuel CoachFeed. It contains four essential elements for upskilling your sales reps.

How Microcoaching Can Take Your Sales Team to the Next Level

Sales managers can take heart in a Sales Management Association study that shows effective sales coaching leads to an increase of up to 23% in rep performance. One would assume with an impact like that, sales managers would commit a significant amount of time to coaching. However, the same study reveals that 76% of sales managers spend too little time coaching. The demands of the job — being constantly pulled into meetings, putting out fires and feeling pressured to meet the short-term quota — make coaching less of a priority.

Don’t Lose Deals Due to a Clunky Digital Buying Experience

Embracing digital buying processes —  from the research phase to post-sales — is the only way to keep up with customers’ evolving expectations, says Marie Hattar, CMO at Keysight Technologies. She offers these tips for improving the B2B digital buying experience.

Virtual Selling Is Now Simply Selling

More than a year of working from home has shown that online video meetings and remote demonstrations work just fine most of the time for business-to-business sales. Many customers, it turns out, actually prefer the virtual approach.

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