Leveraging Technology to Enhance Decision-Making for Sales Leaders

Sales leaders make decisions from the time their feet hit the floor in the morning until they close their eyes at night. They must keep up with their own client base while helping others learn better tactics and close new leads. Finding the right programs to keep it all running smoothly can be a critical part of a sales manager’s job. Here are some technologies your entire team can utilize to spot new markets, gauge initiatives’ successes and adjust to critical information in real time.

Utilize Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

The CRM software market is worth an estimated $88.19 billion, with experts predicting a 10.59% annual growth rate through 2028. Sales leaders who want to get ahead need to invest in time-saving CRM software.

The best programs track buying behavior over time, analyze patterns and suggest sales offers. They can also automatically message buyers to remind them when it’s time to reorder. You’ll be much more productive with a computer handling some of the busywork of sales for you.

Inventory Management

Although sales and marketing teams typically work together to develop promotions and offer specials to their audience, communication breaks down sometimes. The company needs to work as a seamless whole, with the warehouse ordering enough product to cover a sudden surge in orders or informing management when stock is low.

Ideally, sales leaders will utilize technology to stay informed of supply chain issues and can make adjustments on the fly. For example, if marketing offers half off a second same item and inventory runs low, you could sub out the same item for something else of equal value but still desirable. Inventory management software lets sales leaders stay informed and reach out to other departments to keep parts moving.

Utilize AI for Analysis

Perusing massive amounts of data is time-consuming and can lead to biased results, but sales managers can reduce the time to decision by tapping into the power of AI analysis. Researchers estimate 65% of B2B sales will involve AI by 2026, partly thanks to the programs’ continuous improvement.

Machine learning is a way for computers to look at how someone has used the information in the past, grab new data and give better results over time with more usage. Some of the ways you can use it to identify marketing opportunities include getting a list of the top 10 customers you should contact, the salespeople you haven’t met with in a while or which programs are most profitable.

Tap Into Recruiting Technology

A sales leader is only as good as the team behind them. If you want to increase revenue and improve customer experience, it’s crucial to recruit the right people to work for you. Turnover is a problem for many, so let the computer sort through your resumes and narrow the options down to the best-matched individuals.

If employees are happy with your brand and they’re a good match for the culture, they’re more likely to stay long term. Some leaders utilize AI to sort through resumes with blinders on about race, age and gender, but the machine only looks at the skills and experience.

Improve Communication

Technology can improve communication in many ways, including sending automated messages and reminders. New iPhone models can help you thrive as a sales manager, keeping up with staff and clients and taking images of new product lines.

Choosing expanded memory allows businesses to utilize apps that help sales workers do their jobs faster. People also appreciate the ability to work from anywhere by tapping into the corporate cloud.

Lead Scoring

If your reps could spend their time on the leads most likely to buy, they would save a lot of energy, easily measure success and watch their commissions soar. Leaders can tap into AI’s power to determine which leads are incredibly reliable. The machine looks at factors such as demographics, past behavior and any interactions with the customer.

Programs then rank each lead by likelihood they’ll convert. Of course, you don’t want to ignore anyone, because machines are sometimes incorrect, but starting with the highest potential profit is wise.
AI can help you adjust sales tactics in real time. If a method isn’t working, ask for more ideas and try something different. As you work with clients, the machine will analyze responses and figure out how beneficial something is to closing the sale and keeping customers happy. By focusing on the user experience, you’ll see growth.

New Technologies Can Lead to Sales Success

Successful sales initiatives can help you become the type of manager you’ve always wanted to be and supply the data your team needs to beat the competition. Using technology in those efforts makes it much easier to see growth and streamline the sales cycle. Developers constantly add new features to software and stretch the capabilities of AI, so try different programs to ensure you find the ones most useful to your organization.


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