A little more insight on Fast Starts

Sales managers need to produce results every month and every quarter, yet they know they can’t do the same things in the same way they have always done it. A savvy sales manager is always on the lookout for new practices, new tools, new ideas to deliver additional motivation and focus to the team.

Fast Starts, initiated with meaningful Fresh Start dates, can help deliver the best results for the period. BI WORLDWIDE identifies how to use Fast Starts as a tool with a gamification lens. The Fast Start can be gamified to include a variety of measures that help reps get their month/quarter off to a great start. Badges and non-monetary points can be tallied for steps to the sale, such as appointments, presentations and proposals. Knowing that research supports the idea that Fast Starts help reps finish strong, it’s important to design something that is relevant and meaningful to the reps.

But how do you pay for a Fast Start? World at Work addressed funding Fast Starts by noting that “the funds for a fast start sales incentive are carved out of the upside incentive opportunity. Because that is the case, the cost of motivating and rewarding a change in the flow of business must be balanced against the benefits of realizing that business sooner rather than later.” In other words, it’s important to balance the investment in rewards with the potential upside to the business.

For more information on how to design a successful Fast Start, reach me on Twitter @THoulihan.

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