The Mayo Clinic on…

Dealing with anxiety:

Feeling anxious is a normal, healthy human response to stressful circumstances. But sometimes fear and worry become excessive, causing intense physical reactions and disrupting one’s quality of life. Managers should remind workers to maintain healthy habits, including making sleep a priority, exercising, eating well, staying on top of medications and performing regular chores.

Decreasing the dose of daily news:

It’s OK to check the headlines a couple times a day, but not every 30 minutes. Workers who monitor news too frequently can replace that impulse with other actions, like walking, talking with someone, cooking healthy recipes or reading for pleasure.

Choosing battles wisely:

Everyone has a limited amount of physical, mental and emotional energy. That energy should be applied to the most significant problems. Help workers let go of smaller problems, especially the ones that are out of their control.

Practicing relaxation:

Yes, it’s important to exercise, but relaxation is also vital to mental health. Make sure workers are setting boundaries between work and home life. Your team may benefit from a sheet of relaxation exercises – breathing, meditation, etc.


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