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Motivating Ideas for a Pandemic

Keeping your best workers has never been more important — and for many managers, never more challenging. Employee engagement platform TINYpulse offers these insights for recognizing remote workers, a proven component of retaining top talent.

Peer-to-peer recognition – Co-workers recognizing colleagues’ efforts strengthens relationships and keeps employees engaged. You can start by encouraging team members to email words of gratitude to each other, but it’s better to initiate a formal program that includes company-supplied gift cards or other rewards to recipients.

Acknowledge employees’ personal achievements – There is less casual catching up with people in the remote work world. It’s important to stay close to team members’ outside-of-work milestones and share those that are suitable for the team to know. Did someone buy their first house or earn a new degree? Let the team know all about it.

Acknowledge quirky milestones – Did you have a virtual meeting without anyone needing to be reminded they were on mute? Celebrate with a quick shout-out as you wrap up. Small wins beget more small wins, which add up to impactful larger changes.

Subscriptions are effective recurring rewards – Reward workers with a subscription to a publication — industry related or not — a monthly box of snacks or another regularly delivered treat is an affordable reminder to the recipient of your gratitude each time a new delivery arrives.


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Paul Nolan
Paul Nolan
Paul Nolan is the editor of Sales & Marketing Management magazine.

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