Navigating the 2024 Martech Trends Landscape

After several years of instability in customer acquisition and retention, and with all the efforts focused on getting the most out of the shrinking pipelines, 2024 looks like it’s going to be a return to normal. This “normal” means steady growth, which is something the investors are really happy about.

Analytics and Forecasting

The hardest part of closing a deal is finding it. More platforms are incorporating revenue intelligence and forecasting to pinpoint the most lucrative opportunities, whether it’s the top- performing audience segment you want more of in the pipeline or the fastest way to convert certain prospects through the commercial process.

When marketing unlocks the ability to fill the pipeline with certain types of opportunities continuously, that enables sales to forecast accurately.

Revenue Marketing Diversity

The focus on revenue-centric metrics for GTM teams isn’t a recent development, but rather a persistent reality. This focus resulted in improved collaboration between the sales and marketing teams, more than ever before.

Traditional funnels have been thoroughly reimagined. The best-performing sales teams chose to lower their ASP to expand the new customers’ contracts once the value was proven. NRR has emerged as a widely recognized source of growth.

The bow-tie funnel concept, designed by Winning By Design, highlights this shift from simply acquiring customers to enhancing their experience and encouraging their advocacy.

Marketing teams can no longer focus solely on delivering new opportunities. Sales teams can’t concentrate exclusively on closing immediate business. Marketing must maintain the health of the sales pipeline, identify potential gaps, and support sales efforts beyond acquisition.

Consequently, revenue marketing isn’t just a category where different technologies compete. It’s about various tactics, backed by technology, vying to deliver the most predictable outcomes at each stage of the commercial process.

This is the first martech category where competitors are complementary, rather than mutually exclusive.

Contact-Level Intent

If Gong were to compile a “Top Sales Quotes” list akin to Spotify, Matt Heinz’s insight would likely top the chart. All go-to-market motions boil down to two simple questions: “Who to call’ and “What to say.”

The answers to these questions form a roadmap for predictable revenue.


  • Den Kozlov

    Den Kozlov is vice president of Growth at Influ2, providers of a person-based advertising platform that empowers B2B marketers to connect directly with chosen decision-makers.

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