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With a transient workforce is there still team spirit?

Recently I was asked to attend a manufacturer’s sales meeting. And as I sat there I felt like Bill Murray in the movie “Groundhog Day.”

The same predictable speeches.
The participants eyes glazing over midday.
The disappointing welcome gift that no one wanted.
The time and money that was spent on the meeting was being wasted as the meeting followed a predictable course. Afterwards, I brought up the following points.

Sales meetings are meant to ignite excitement and gusto. They should stimulate confidence and leave your salespeople feeling like they can conquer the world. By design, sales meetings make team members feel appreciated and valued — they’re meant to boost morale.

While meeting organizers shouldn’t expect their attendees to erupt into a cinematic pep rally complete with bonfires and marching bands, a little team spirit shouldn’t be too much to ask for. Right?

What motivates?

The truth is, it’s not what you’re asking for — it’s how you’re asking for it that makes the difference.

Meeting organizers seeking new ways to motivate their sales teams should incorporate interactive gifting experiences instead of the traditional pillow gift or room drop. Breathe new life into a tired sales meeting with on-site reward events designed to inspire and excite attendees and satisfy even the most hard-to-please guests.

Rymax delivers memorable, on-site events that properly convey appreciation, fuel loyalty and encourage retention by giving your meeting participants the opportunity to select gift items in-person, in an exclusive setting. Employees have a chance to browse, touch and interact with a variety of in-demand products across multiple categories, ranging from jewelry to electronics and from home décor to fashion, carefully hand-picked just for them.

It’s critical that the rewards offered in incentive programs are highly desirable. At Rymax, our programs offer products with high brand equity and the latest and greatest models. As the leading loyalty marketing provider, Rymax offers over 15,000 products from more than 350 sought-after brands, such as Michael Kors, Sonos and Thule. With exclusive access to nearly 100 aspirational brands, Rymax has the ability to offer exactly the right mix of product to appeal to the audience at hand.

Custom product bundles

Again, perceived value is key. Because of our expansive product portfolio, we can create specialized product bundles, unique to a client’s program, to strengthen the perceived value and functionality of the items. These bundles can be the grouping of products and/or categories that are not seen at retail.

We have truly mastered the art of creating an incentive event within an existing event, guaranteed to connect with your attendees. If you want to take gifting events to the next level, Rymax brings you R-SITE — Rymax’s Strategic, Interactive Themed Events. R-SITE revolutionizes onsite gifting programs. These unforgettable, one-of-a-kind events are designed with a specific theme and unique setting in mind, and are created specifically for your audience based on demographically targeted data and your budget.

Effective rewards at meetings can be challenging. It takes thoughtfulness as well as know-how, creativity and strategy. If you’re not careful, a generous gesture of gratitude can quickly turn into a tired, uninspiring leave-behind.

Remember, the key to executing a successful rewards program is knowing that your audience is eclectic. Understand their various aspirations and provide them with the right blend of products to meet those demands. Once you’ve established the type of products they crave, you need to be sure you’re offering them trending brands they recognize. All of this can be attained by working with the right partner that can deliver you the right balance of merchandise.

So when you’re preparing your next sales meeting, remember what you did in the past and don’t repeat it.

Remember that your organization is made up of a diverse group of people. And deliver something that reverberates long after the meeting is over and creates a team environment and spirit.

Rymax Marketing Services, Inc. is the leading, full-service loyalty marketing provider. Visit RymaxInc.com for more information.

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