Video Marketing Tips, Tricks and Tactics To Get More Views And Engagement

Video marketing is a potent tool. It’s been shown that 85% of people watch more than one minute of a video on Facebook and YouTube, while only 16% read text posts. To reach your target audience and build your brand, it’s essential to have good-quality videos (and post them on social media). But how do you get more views and engagement? In this post, we’re going to cover some strategies for doing just that.

Hook Your Viewer With a Killer Thumbnail

A thumbnail is the first thing viewers see on your YouTube channel. It’s your chance to make an impression, so use it wisely. The right thumbnail can increase engagement and views by up to 40%.

The lead image for your videos should be relevant to the content of your video and easy to understand at a glance. If it’s unclear or boring, people won’t click through – you’re losing potential audience members who would have loved what you had to offer them.

Design for Your Audience

When designing your video content, it’s essential to consider which format best suits your audience you can find online which best video converter  that fits your  needs. There are many different certain types of videos available, including:

Short-form – These are short videos that last no more than three minutes. They’re great for sharing on social media or in email newsletters and newsletters because they’re easily digestible.

Long-form – If you want to go into more detail about a topic, long-form is for you! The length of these videos varies but generally falls between 10 and 30 minutes. Make sure you have enough information worth sharing with people who will take the time out of their busy schedules to watch your video all the way through without being too overwhelming (unless that’s what you’re going for).

Live Streaming Events – Live events can be done using live streaming apps such as Facebook Live by pressing “Start Streaming” when prompted during an event or shooting directly with a mobile device and uploading later online after the fact (a process called “posting”). Some platforms also allow users to create channels within their website where they can host live events whenever possible.

Save Time on Unnecessary Graphics and Animations

You don’t have to make your videos look like they belong in an art gallery. As long as they are professional and transparent, people will watch them. Only use a little text. Keep the video short and simple, so viewers can quickly get what they need from it, then move on with their lives.

Write a Script, but Only a Little One

When you start writing your script, keep it short and sweet. The faster the video, the more likely people will watch it (and even share it). Only write a short script; even with a quick hand, if there is not enough substance in your video, viewers will lose interest quickly. A good rule of thumb for how long your scripts should be:

If you have less than 250 words to say, keep it at 100 words or less. This will make sure that people don’t lose interest before you’ve had a chance to get through all of what matters most about your topic or product. It’ll also ensure that viewers can read all of what’s written without straining themselves by having so much text on the screen at once.

A more extended script – 500 to 750 words – is ideal for videos where there’s more information needed about whatever topic/product/service, etc., but still not so much that things become overwhelming for viewers who may want something quick without having too much detail everywhere else as well (“too many cooks spoil the broth”).

Keep Announcements Short and Sweet

Keep notifications short and sweet in the video, especially if you tell your audience what to do next. Even though writing a script for videos can take time, it pays off because it makes editing easier when shooting. Avoid using too much text in your video, as this can be distracting for viewers who prefer watching motion and images rather than reading on-screen text.

Make It Easy to Listen to Your Video Without Sound

If you’re going to make a video, you should have a transcript. It makes it easier for people who can’t hear your audio to read along and understand what you’re saying, whether they’re deaf or have another impairment.

You can use the transcript as input into a text-to-speech program that will read aloud what is written in the transcript (for example, using Google Translate). This way, people who are blind or visually impaired can also enjoy your video without sound.

If subtitles aren’t an option or captions aren’t available on your platform, consider getting someone else (a friend or family member) to read the transcript aloud while watching the video to create a “silent movie dialogue.”

Do What People Are Dreading to Keep Them Watching

To keep your audience engaged, you need to do something that most people dread. This can be in the form of making them laugh, cry or even get angry. Surprise them so much that they have no choice but to share this video with their friends. You need to find a way to make people feel something while watching your videos.

Grow Your Business Using Videos

If you want to grow your business, video marketing is the way. Why? Because videos are more engaging than text! People tend to remember more of what they see and hear than what they read. Television commercials work so well—they show you something that makes you curious or sparks an emotion. You can use this same strategy with your own business by creating a video that people will want to watch because it helps them solve a problem, entertains them, or teaches something new.

Video marketing is also great for social media campaigns because users are much more likely to share videos with others than text-based posts or images. You can post these videos as Facebook Live broadcasts or Instagram stories and upload them directly onto YouTube.Videos help rank better in search results too! When someone searches for something related to your industry, Google will now consider how often your content was viewed versus how many times other similar content was seen when deciding which result should appear at the top of its search page.

Video marketing can be a powerful tool for your business. It allows you to connect with customers more personally and gives them a better idea of who you are and what you stand for. When it comes down to it, the best way to get started with video marketing is just by taking action. Keep these tips in mind when creating a video, but don’t worry too much about doing everything perfectly from day one – keep learning as you go.


  • Nick Caminade

    Nick John Caminade is PR outreach specialist at Veed.IO, providers of an online video suite for making professional-quality videos.

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