Workers and employers feel good about WFH

Allego, a leading provider of virtual learning and enablement solutions, surveyed employees and employers (HR reps) in two separate surveys to get a clearer idea how each side was feeling about technical and non-technical resources provided to them by their organizations, employee productivity and collaboration, and COVID-19’s overall impact on their company.

Satisfaction is high

The majority of employees (70%) and HR reps (75%) who primarily worked in an office setting prior to the pandemic report overall satisfaction with the WFH experience. Workers are mostly satisfied with the technical resources provided by employers (81%) and slightly less satisfied (73%) with non-technical resources.

In the non-technical category, HR reps are prioritizing increased communication from management and clarity on expectations, but employees expressed a greater desire for increased interactions with peers and more access to virtual training and coaching.

While workers rated their employers highly in terms of technical support, only 14% of them said they have all the technical resources necessary to work from home. That’s significant given that nearly six in 10 workers (59%) say they will be more inclined to work from home once the quarantine period of the pandemic ends.

Feeling good about accomplishments

A key to maintaining strong mental health about work is having a sense of accomplishment. Workers and HR reps agree that WFH is not negatively impacting productivity, with 74% of office workers saying they are just as productive in their home setting if not more so, while 77% of HR reps feel employees have been just as productive during the pandemic. It should be noted, this percentage may drop among B2B sales professionals, who are unable to meet with prospects in person.

Too much of an increase in productivity should be a red flag for managers as well, as it may signify workers who are struggling to separate home life from work life and may be heading toward burnout.  

“Work From Home COVID-19 Survey” from Allego can be downloaded with registration here.


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