You May Have Tech Solutions Waiting To Be Deployed

Ashley Diebert says in continu­ously assessing her company’s technology needs, she often discovers that a solution doesn’t have to mean investing in something new. Many fixes can be accomplished by expanding the knowledge of what your current tech stack can do.

“We put in all the core foundations we needed to run the business. Now, we’re getting more granular in terms of what we’re looking to add to it, as well as expanding our use of the tech­nology platforms we have in place.

“For example, when we needed better ways to get our entire company information around our sales enablement library, we figured out the content tool we use on our site for prospects can also be used as an internal tool to disseminate information to the right people based on what products they are selling. I could have gone outside and found another tool that did that, but I’d much rather expand my use with a technology platform we’ve already invested in.”


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