Product Review


Del Currie was sending $700 worth of gift cards to friends and family at Christmas a year ago and it occurred to him that a good portion of that money would go unspent. “Wouldn’t it be great,” he thought, “if I didn’t have to pay for these gift cards until they were actually redeemed?”

That’s when the Moola Street Card was conceived.

Currie, an Ireland-born Web developer who lives in San Diego, launched Moola Street in November. It serves as a gift card conduit in which the sender only pays 10 percent of the value upfront and doesn’t pay a penny more until their recipient redeems their Moola Street Card.

How do they redeem it? Recipients go to, enter the code from their card and select up to three gift cards from a menu of national retailers, restaurants, department stores and others who have partnered with the company. The gift cards are delivered electronically or mailed to the recipient. Each Moola Street Card must have a minimum value of $25. Cards can have an expiration of between one and three months.

Moola Street skirts around the Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009, which prohibits expiration dates on gift cards of less than five years after the card is purchased, because the card is technically not a gift card. It’s classified as a “conditional gift.” It’s a creative approach to making the matter of gift card “breakage” more palpable to purchasers. Currie and his partner, Lou Corbo, have applied for a patent on the 10 percent down business model.

As of January, Moola Street had signed on 44 gift card supplier partners, including Target, Bath & Body Works, Zappos, Barnes and Noble and Bass Pro Shops. Currie said more are being added all the time.

Currie says despite their late 2011 launch and a minimal marketing budget, the company sold several thousand Moola Street Cards during the recent holiday season. Sales were mostly on the consumer side, but Moola Street Cards present an enticing savings opportunity to companies that use gift cards in promotions and incentive programs.

Most of the money put on gift cards gets redeemed, but analyst Brian Riley of TowerGroup told the Wall Street Journal that since 2005, $41 billion in money on gift cards has been lost or is likely never to be cashed in. Stores can’t count money received from the gift givers who purchase the cards as revenue until they are redeemed. How retailers deal with those “lost” funds is complicated. Some states don’t allow companies to keep money from unused gift card cash.

Moola Street keeps some gift card inventory on hand, but for the most part doesn’t purchase cards until they are selected by Moola Card recipients. Thus, if a card isn’t redeemed by its expiration date, the buyer saves 90 percent of the purchase price and Currie pockets the 10 percent upfront charge. As his first batch of cards neared its expiration date, about 35 percent were unredeemed.

Of course, companies want the recipients of gift cards to redeem them if they are used as employee incentives or gifts. But if a company runs a consumer promotion or a tradeshow promotion — for example, a free gift card with a test drive of a car — whether or not the gift card gets redeemed becomes less important to the company. In fact, once the incentive has done its job, i.e., gotten a salesperson some face time with a prospect, a company would just as soon pay 10 percent of the incentive cost.

More information is available at or by calling 800-233-8814. 

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