E-mail marketing tips from a recruitment guru

Paul Nolan

E-mail is a quick and efficient way to reach a lot of prospects in a short amount of time. Dougles Chan is a recruitment and retention guru (dougleschan.com) who uses electronic platforms to maximize his recruitment business. If you buy into the concept that marketing an individual shares many similarities with marketing products and services, Chan offers these e-mail marketing insights:

1.  E-mail marketing is to inform – period. E-mail marketing is a tool to help you to reach potential clients and let them view your website when they are interested. They will make further inquiries with you when they’re ready.

2.  Set realistic expectations. Just as determined job seekers know one e-mail likely won’t cut through the clutter, it may take five to eight e-mails to the individual list before you see some response. Of course, if your services and products are not what they are looking for, you can expect no responses.

3.  Your title is important. Always create an interesting title, but focus on the prospect rather than yourself.

4.  Don’t bother with your product benefits. Customers aren’t interested in your products or services. They are only interested in their own benefits. Talk about them.

5.  Avoid using a delivery provider. Monthly subscription services such as Constant Contact are good in certain instances, but it’s both risky and expensive to use other parties to distribute your e-mails.