Cloud Computing for Streamlined Sales and Winning Deals

By Audrey Spangenberg

There’s money in the clouds, and manufacturers of all sizes are making the big grab—especially when it comes to streamlining sales processes, winning deals, and increasing customer satisfaction.

Training New Hires for Competitive Advantage

By Tom Cunningham, vice president, Talent Management; Dorman Woodall, director; Willard Scott, program manager, Sales; Paul Wheaton, learning consultant, SkillSoft

Stick With the Sales Status Quo at Your Peril

By Phil Krohn, vice president, Sales, West Business Services

For many businesses, it’s time to do some serious re-thinking about the field sales model they traditionally relied upon.

Deadly Sins: How the 1-Minute Management Mentality Crippled Marketing

By Neil Mahoney

Capitalizing on the Massive Shift to Online Advertising Spend

By Roman Lenzen, director of analytics, Quaero

It’s time! Online ad spend is predicted to reach $100 billion in five years, up from a predicted $61 billion this year. That’s a huge shift in advertising spend. Who is best poised to tap into that incremental online advertising revenue, other than the advertisers?

Value Stream Mapping Your Sales Process Delivers Efficiency and Profits

By Shelley Hall, principal, managing director, Catalytic Management LLC

Sales executives consistently are told to “build or rebuild your sales process to match your customer’s buying process.” This is sound advice that can shorten your sales cycle, but the question is how?

Sending an E-mail is Not Nurturing A Sale

“I saw a Tweet come through the stream from a B2B summit that read, ‘So if sending an e-mail isn’t nurturing what is?’” blogged Ardath Albee, CEO of Marketing Interactions Inc., a business-to-business marketing consultant (

What B2C and B2B Marketers Can Learn from Each Other

By Janet C. Jessen, vice president, Global Marketing, Innovation & Engineering, Garlock Sealing Technologies

Sales, Science, and Engineering


By Dave Fellman

Competitors Don’t Keep You from Success

In an ideal world for many companies, there would be minimal competition. Or none. But customers want the choices and improvements that competition provides.

20 Ways to Generate Ideas That Will Boost Your Business

The lightbulb. Bubble wrap. The Post-It. The iPod. The Snuggie. Facebook. Twitter. These inventions, products, and businesses all started with an idea. An idea that to anyone other than its creator(s) may have seemed like an insane thing to invest much time, money, or effort in bringing to fruition. But for the masterminds behind these great ideas, the risk paid off, and so, too, can your next great idea.

5X Technology Solution Enhances Netsuite CRM

5x Technology, an IT solutions provider and SAP BusinessObjects volume reseller partner, launched the IntelligentInformation solution--a service providing standardization and cleansing, merging and deduping, and data enhancement capabilities. The service utilizes SAP BusinessObjects Data Services software and was customized specifically for the NetSuite platform to perform address cleansing and matching for NetSuite contact and customer records.

Ad Vet Opens Marketing Agency

Alan Epstein, a 25-year veteran in the advertising business and former partner at Adamson Advertising, opened a new St. Louis-based marketing services organization called The Epstein Group. Clients work within a flexible business model with a marketing organization designed to match their needs, receiving and paying only for the specific resources they want.

SlideRocket Reinvents Presentations

Content Marketing Improves Thought Leadership Perception

Content marketing remains a significant hurdle for B2B marketers, yet those who are able to develop and employ a content marketing strategy see notable improvements in a company’s placement in search results and perception as industry thought leaders, according to the HiveFire's first annual B2B marketing research study of 100-plus B2B marketers.