Top Performers Can’t Be Ignored

When it comes to coaching, most sales managers either devote their time to rescuing the worst players or gravitate to the best players. In “The Sales Manager’s Guide to Greatness,” author Kevin F. Davis says studies show the biggest payoff from coaching comes from working with the people you may think of as your “B” players.

Why Sales Is a Great Entry-Level Job

“Nothing happens in business until somebody sells something.”
A boss I had early in my career made that comment to me. Now, 30 years later, I truly understand the brilliance of that simple statement.

It’s All About Your Buyer’s Situation

The great persona crackup continues.

Does Trump fit into your customer conversations?

A 2017 survey of 500 full-time employed Americans commissioned by BetterWorks, a California-based software company, finds that workers report spending an average of two hours per day reading political social media posts.

Lead or get out of the way

U.S. President and five-star general Dwight D. Eisenhower used a simple exercise to illustrate the art of leadership. He laid an ordinary piece of string on a table and explained, “Pull the string and it will follow you wherever you go. Push it and it will go nowhere at all. It’s just that way when it comes to leading people.”

The Hidden Impact of Poor KPI Selection

On September 8, 2016, Wells Fargo announced it would pay the largest penalty ever - $185 million in fines – since the inception of the CFPB in 2011.

11 Bad Habits that Can Destroy Your Inside Sales Productivity

Inside sales is a competitive field where professionals need to bring an incredible work ethic to the job each day. Unfortunately, some find that their habits can hurt theirsales productivity and their careers. Here are 11 bad habits that every sales professional should focus on eliminating.

Frothy insights

I plead guilty to enjoying a cold beer or two, and I’ve watched with amazement as the decade-long bull market in the craft beer industry shows no signs of abating.

5 Sales Mistakes to Avoid in the New Digital Environment

Now that everything and everyone is online, we live in a world of information overload. Getting people’s attention is harder than ever. With so much access to choice and knowledge, customers are taking their purchase journey online, where the influence of salespeople matters less and less.

3 Things Great Sales Managers Do Differently

Whenever I meet with sales managers, I ask them to do a quick exercise where they grade each of their reps on two factors: skill and attitude. After talking about the insights this gives the managers into their reps’ development needs, I challenge them this way: “This is a report card on your salespeople, right? …Wrong!  It’s actually a report card on your sales leadership.”

Creating a High-Five Culture

The average annual household income in the United States is $56,516. For the top 5 percent of households, it’s $159,619 and for the 1 percenters, it’s $380,354. In our company, we are only interested in hiring associates who aspire to be 5 percenters or better. We call them High Fivers, and we have a system to help them get there. Our associates averaged $221,485 in gross commission income (GCI) in 2016.

Ghost In the Machine: Marketing, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

The current dialogue around machine learning – the ability for a computer to accumulate and adapt to new information without human intervention – tends to focus on either the accessible, high-concept innovations like driverless cars and robot chefs, or jargon-heavy discussions about algorithms and Bayesian networks.

Four Marketing Pillars to Build a Business as Strong as The Parthenon

Dating back to Ancient Greece and Egypt, monumental structures have relied on the strength of stone pillars, working together to support an immense amount of weight and pressure. Over the past 2,500 years, the Parthenon has been rocked by earthquakes, blown up by exploding gunpowder and suffered severe fire damage, yet it and its pillars still stand today.

4 Ways to Avoid Death by PowerPoint

At some point, everyone who has ever been in a meeting experiences the terrible symptoms of this rapidly spreading epidemic. Picture it: you’re in a conference room, lights are low and you are listening to a colleague talk about the bullet points on the screen. First, you notice that your eyes are starting to feel heavy.

Choice: The Key Ingredient In Your Incentive Program

People value choice in all aspects of their lives. Incentives and rewards are no different. Your sales teams and sales partners are vital contributors to your business and appreciate decision-making autonomy just like everyone else. Provide them with effective motivation and thanks via rewards and incentives programs they can tailor to their liking.