Looking Back, Thinking Ahead

One of my favorite things about the end of the year (aside from the holiday cheer) are the year-end reviews of movies, music, news stories and almost anything else you can think of.

Empower Your Small or Mid-Sized Sales Team With Better Call Analytics

It surprises many people that small and mid-sized businesses make up a majority of employer firms in the United States (99.7% to be exact). The U.S.

Leaving Las Vegas?

How Top-Performing Companies Quickly Scale Sales Teams

As companies experience success and grow their business, sales teams must be able to scale quickly or risk losing out on new opportunities.

How to Train Millennials and Generation Z for Success

While so-called “research” on the millennial generation is overwhelming, when you cut through the noise to get to what little real data exists, much of the message seems to ultimately be speculation with very little consensus.

Why We Still Need Salespeople

Forrester recently reported that 1 million B2B salespeoplewill become obsolete by 2020, citing advancements in sales and marketing technologies as the culprit.

Three Moments of Truth In Every Sales Cycle

There are three value conversation “moments of truth” in every buying cycle that you must be great at: first, creating value to break through status quo bias and build a buying vision (differentiation); second, elevating value to impress executive decisi

The Buyer Preference Evolution

Remember when instant messaging was the new tool for sales? Remember when texting was just for teens and college students? So many new digital tools come out each year that it’s hard to keep up.

5 Tips for Giving a Killer Sales Presentation

Salespeople have a lot of responsibility riding on their shoulders. Colleagues have spent weeks, and maybe even months, hard at work to build innovative, impactful solutions. Now it is up to sales teams to sell that product, driving revenue and recognition for the company.

Tell Me A Story: Three Tips for Communicating Marketing and Sales Analytics

Virtually every job description for the modern “analytic marketer” includes requirements for “strong communication skills.” In particular, what’s sought is someone who not only distinguishes signals from noise, but communicates this way: good analysts appreciate nuance, but executive audiences of

How to Gain Attention on Instagram and Boost Your Business Presence

As a business, it’s important to ensure that your brand is represented on all of the social media networks, including Instagram which is often one of the most overlooked platforms when it comes to marketing businesses online.

How Contrast Drives Change

What if you could change one simple thing about your message, pitch or presentation to make it more persuasive? What if one basic technique could convince your prospect that the change you’re proposing is superior to the status quo?

How to Reinforce Training So It Sticks

Ongoing training is important for employees to stay ahead of the curve and do their jobs effectively. But what about training reinforcement? One could argue that reinforcement may be as important as the training itself.

A Wholesaler’s Guide to Preparing for Black Friday

Black Friday is the unofficial start to the most important time of the year for retailers – the holiday shopping season. For wholesalers, it is not only an opportunity to finish the year strong financially, but also to differentiate by empowering their retailers for success.

How to Build Relationships at Every Stage of the Customer Journey

Sales is ultimately a matter of building trust and developing relationships with customers – and it’s never too early to start.