4 Behaviors to Embrace When Working With Consultants

Consultants can be great for business, but they can also be toxic to sales teams. Though the outcome depends on many different variables, how sales reps treat their consultants can go a long way toward ensuring a positive and successful experience.

Want to Drive Better Sales? Manage People, Not Things

It doesn’t matter whether you are in the C-suite or just promoted to your first management position. If you think you can lead through policies, bullet points and messaging, you are not going to inspire the best in your people.

3 Ways to Increase Sales in Rural Markets

You didn’t make the sale. Your pitch was great, the product is great and the customer was the ideal candidate. But something didn’t click for them.

Unlocking Success in Emerging Markets

According to McKinsey, the 15 fastest-growing emerging markets will provide 90 percent of the growth in consumption of luxury beauty products and women’s wear over the next 10 years. China will account for nearly half that growth.

When group feedback makes more sense

Data Can Save Your Sales Quarter

A data-driven mindset offers an enormous advantage in the business world, because it gives CEOs and managers an objective perspective on sales and business growth. It also empowers business leaders to always strive to decrease inputs, maximize outputs and be intensely analytical.

Sales Playbooks: The Key to a Repeatable Sales Process

If you ask heads of sales what they desire most in their job, the answer will likely be a repeatable, predictable sales process.

10 Digital Commerce Capabilities that Drive Sales Success

To thrive in this omnichannel age, delivering differential buying experiences, business practices and products from the competition is absolutely critical.

The Jersey Score


In November 2013, Donald Guardian became the first Republican to be elected mayor of Atlantic City in 23 years. Within months after taking office, Gardner, a reluctant candidate to begin with, was hit with the closing of four of the city’s casinos, including the Revel Casino Hotel, which cost $2.4 billion to build and was open only two years before it closed.

A timeless tool

The classic first assignment when kids return to school each fall is to write an essay addressing “What I did on my summer vacation.” A lot happens over three months when your days are wide open, but the focal point for these essays almost always is travel.

How to Harness the Power of Reviews in the Sharing Economy

Ten years ago, would you have trusted a car ride from a stranger you found on the Internet?

4 Things Your Sales Proposal Would Tell You If It Could Talk

The reality is, most sales organizations have little to no process to support their proposal efforts.

Sales Velocity: Track It, Then Floor It!

The sales division of a manufacturer is working 300 sales opportunities, each averaging $12.5 million in value. The win rate is 8% and the average sales cycle is 30 days.

This sounds like details for a good GMAT question, but the stakes here are real.

‘Old School’ Sales Techniques Can Still Reap Benefits

While it can almost be guaranteed that you will not purchase a vacuum cleaner from a traveling salesman at your front door any time soon, in many businesses traveling sales is still a necessary business function, particularly in the B2B space.

How B2B Startups Can Build a Successful Sales Team with Accountability and Coaching

In the fall of 2014, Unishippers Global Logistics, LLC, the nation’s first and one of the largest small package and freight resellers, launched a new subsidiary named Launch Logistics and I was named the President and Chief Sales Officer.