Branding to Break Away: Five Tips for Sales Acceleration

Your most valuable sales tool is often the most overlooked and under-utilized one: your company brand.

The Customer Disconnect: Fighting Contempt, Ignorance, and Seduction

According to one telling study, some 80 percent of senior executives believed they were providing "outstanding customer experiences" to consumers. The dismal truth was, only 8 percent of their customers agreed. How can there be this much of a disconnect between customers and corporations?

Branding to Break Away: Winning Market Share from the Inside Out

Businesses need to ensure they are united internally in order to have a more powerful reach externally. Here are four ways to make it happen.

Online Freelancers: The Panacea to Your Restless Nights

It's been said necessity is the mother of invention, so it may come as no surprise savvy business leaders are embracing the hiring of online freelancers as a way to grow their customer base while minimizing fixed costs.

Branding to Break Away: How Client Perspectives Can Help Your Brand

Senior leaders can walk down the halls and ask their people how their company is perceived. But is an internal perspective the best guide for how the outside world views your company? There is a tremendously valuable, untapped resource to help you learn some of the best insights about your company: your clients.

Five Pointers for Your Interview for an International Career

How do you distinguish yourself in an interview when you are seeking an international career?

The New Requisite Board Skill Set for Growth Is Sales Experience

In light of the mounting challenges of our new millennium, boards must consider the skills needed to grow in tough times, and determine if they have the ones required to navigate successfully.

Chronicles of a Sales Leader: OMG! Salespeople Can't Write!

Somewhere along the way we lost our ability to write effectively, and the informality of electronic messaging hasn’t helped. Sales professionals, it can be argued, have the greatest opportunity to gain from being more effective in this area. The unfortunate reality is salespeople are some of the worst offenders.

Chronicles of a Sales Leader: Placing the Right Bets on Top-Line Growth

Plenty of companies whose fiscal years end within the next 60 to 120 days are starting to line up the chips on strategic investments—investments they believe will contribute to driving top-line growth in the coming fiscal year. The good news is, there's a tad more predictability as to whether or not the bets will pay off. The bad news is, there are a lot of variables that play a role in determining the potential impact.

The Tale of the Presentation That Clinched the Sale And the Five Essential Elements for Show-and-Tell Success

Your next presentation will be even better than the last one. It will include five essential elements: Get all the information you need so you can do proper planning. Put together a powerful presentation team. Know how to make an emotional connection with the audience. Practice, practice, practice. As you present, be ready to make any needed adjustments.

Chronicles of a Sales Leader: Resolve to Lead

Many of us will never forget the harsh business climate of 2009. Most would like to forget it. And yet, in spite of the most brutal business environment since the Great Depression, 2009 was a fantastic year to see true leadership in action.

Chronicles of a Sales Leader: Where Are All the Salespeople?

These are the days that give those who are truly salespeople the opportunity to differentiate themselves from the pack.

Chronicles of a Sales Leader: Sales Effectiveness and the Tech Myth

Is your CRM system helping you to be more effective, or is it just a big myth?

Chronicles of a Sales Leader: Tough Times Call for Solid Leadership

Whether uncertain times are specific to the region you lead, your company, your industry or a broader scenario like today, all sales leaders will need to lead their team through a difficult and challenging economic environment at some point in their careers. And when it's here, you can count on increased pressure to produce top line results.

Chronicles of a Sales Leader: The Rise of Procurement

From cubicles and offices salespeople have been taught to avoid at all costs, the procurement and sourcing professionals have surfaced…and they've become the savior for many CFOs and CEOs looking to reduce costs in this challenging economic storm.