Empower Your Sales Team to Close the Deal With Video

Video marketing is one of the simplest ways to bring human connection back into the sales process without swapping your short sales cycle for a longer one. Here are some tips to get started.

How Sales Specialists Help Reach Your Customers

The days of the sales generalist are over. We need to build specialist functions and individual capabilities that will allow us to effectively and efficiently engage with the customer at each stage of the customer-driven sales model.

How Sales Engagement Solves 7 Major Business Pain Points

The days of old-school communications have passed. In their stead, we have new modern sales communications that are data-driven, personalized, relevant, omnichannel, sequenced, and fully optimized for today’s sophisticated buyer. Here are seven major business pain points solved by sales engagement.

Experiences Edge Out Stuff for Relationship-Building

When it comes to rewarding top performers, numerous studies show that experiences have an edge over material gifts in terms of memorability and strengthening the relationship between the giver and the recipient.

What Makes the Best Teams Tick?

Almost everyone is part of a team these days, so knowing how to get the most out of your team can mean a lot to your performance and to those on the team.

Is There A Place For Anger In Management?

Can anger as a management style be anything but destructive?

3 Signs It’s Time for Your Business to Embrace the Subscription Model

Subscription models are being adopted by an increasing variety of businesses. Is it time for you to take the leap?

Getting Culture Right: Five Lessons for Merger Success in the Sales Department

The acquisition was the easy part. Getting disparate sales teams on the same page was another matter altogether. The journey wasn’t easy, but along the way, we avoided common missteps and forged common bonds. And in the end, we created a whole greater than the sum of its parts.

Want to Create Amazing Experiences? Start With Design Thinking.

What if we started to solve problems with empathy, setting aside our own assumptions to get to the heart of what really matters? That is the beauty of design thinking.

5 Keys for Motivating Your Top Salespeople

Top salespeople aren’t robots – they go through burnouts and times where they just need an extra boost of motivation, themselves. The question is, how can you keep them motivated to perform at their best?

Artificial Intelligence and Its Impact on Sales and Marketing

Rather than watch the AI conversation run past you, dive into it, get excited about the possibilities, and imagine how it can work for your industry.

3 Ways Technology Can Streamline Your Sales Performance Management Strategy

Instead of spending weeks attempting to understand how many more sales an associate needs to meet his or her quota, advanced technology can deconstruct the process to deliver clear goals and real-time updates, as well as implement incentive programs.

The Future of B2B Sales

With increased competition, the rapidly expanding role of technology in the sales process, and factors such as digitalization impacting every step of the sales process, we expect things will be significantly different from the way they are today. There are five developments that companies should pay attention to if they want to be competitive.

What B2B Marketers Can Learn from B2C

There is an opportunity for sellers to serve as trusted advisors and to engage buyers earlier in the sales journey. But it takes extra effort and strategy that most B2B organizations are not yet undertaking.

The Hidden Talent in Your Ranks

Rather than battle for new hires in an uber-competitive job market, smart companies are moving to train and promote from within.