4 Steps to Better Strategic Content Development

Everything starts with content, but you can't generate content for the sake of churning out content. Here is a four-step approach to developing stronger content.

3 Keys to Effective Sales Teams in the Age of the Informed Buyer

From casual browsing to thorough research, online exploration occurs well before customers meet a salesperson. More than ever, understanding one’s field is critical to sales success.

Business strategy gets graphic

As CEO of the Strategic Thinking Institute, Rich Horwath works with managers at companies such as FedEx, Google and L’Oreal to help them understand the importance of landing on a strategy that everyone in an organization understands and can work to achieve. Now, he has put those lessons into a graphic novel, “StrategyMan vs. The Anti-Strategy Squad.”

Focus hacks for multitaskers

In an article written a few years ago, Michael Jordan, one of the greatest athletes of all time, listed 10 rules for maximizing competitiveness. Unsurprisingly, focus was numero uno. In Jordan’s mind, nothing was more important than focus.
Without focus, nothing gets done.

A kick of kindness

Technology disrupts. It changes how we live. It changes how we work. For managers, it changes how they strategize.

B2B Emotional Sales Formula - Curiosity. Obsession. Fever. Action. Passion.

You may have fallen into sales and then into sales management. These five words can prevent burnout and power success.

Five Tips for Being a Better B2B Sales Manager

A good sales manager needs to stay on top of their game at all times, and ensure that their team is focused, efficient and most importantly, profitable. Here are five ways sales managers can harness technology to alleviate stress, build a more cohesive team, boost results – and ultimately, be better at their jobs.

Letting Others Shine Can Get You Sky-High Referral Rates

Too many B2B sellers are seen as ego-centric and money-driven rather than genuinely helpful. In an era when consumers believe most salespeople lack compassion and courtesy, those who buck this trend are poised to strike gold.

Building Your Own Online University

Creating your own corporate learning community becomes a bonding experience for your staff and external relationships. You can draw off the collective brainpower of all the business professionals connected to your company. Share best practices, struggles, ideas, even humor.

The Two Types of Tech Companies and How Each Should Sell

By accurately identifying who they are and what they offer, technology companies can better evaluate how to sell, whom to hire, and which sales initiatives to pursue.

Why You Should Add Guest Posting To Your Marketing Strategy

Guest blogging is an effective way to expand your network, build strong backlinks and broaden your social reach. But there are pitfalls to be mindful of.

Closing the Gap Between Sales and Marketing Starts With Better Communication

Better alignment between sales and marketing benefits both teams as well as the organization – and it all begins with communication.

Sales is Storytelling. Marketing is Storytelling. Business is Storytelling.

Effective sales and marketing has always been about telling compelling stories. So why are so many people going about it the wrong way?

6 Tips to Optimize Your Next Offsite Meeting

It’s easy to get into a rut with offsite meetings that occur annually or more often. To get full engagement from your team and optimize the return on investment, Jessica Doucette, who directs marketing and B2B events at Impartner Software in Salt Lake City, offers these tips.

Mobile Marketing Tips for Small Business

Mobile marketing is not an option anymore. It has become paramount if you want your small business to thrive in the mobile-first world