The finer points of giving and receiving feedback

Feedback. For musicians, the word itself is close to onomatopoeia. You can almost hear the screech interrupting their artistry.
For many in the workplace, it’s just as harsh.

Survey: Companies to focus on quality over quantity in 2014 incentive travel

A survey of by the Incentive Research Foundation ( shows that incentive travel budgets are stabilizing, with more planners expecting to increase rather than decrease their budgets in the next 12 months. On average, 36 percent of planners are increasing their budgets year over year, while only 14 percent plan to decrease incentive travel spending.

The conference that birthed a movement

TEDify your next offsite

In March 2012, civil rights attorney Bryan Stevenson delivered a talk to 1,000 people attending a conference in Long Beach, Calif. He received a standing ovation and his presentation has been viewed nearly 2 million times online.

Are you reacting to the ‘ping-ponginess’ of B2B buying?

The B2B buying process is messier than ever. Buying teams mean more people are involved, and it’s easy to lose track or be left out of important side discussions.

7 mistakes that leave B2B websites wanting

Despite more than $130 billion invested in corporate websites each year, 72 percent of websites graded through MarketingGrader, a service offered by online marketing consultant HubSpot, receive a failing score of 59 or lower.

Swap your sales funnel for a customer journey hourglass

Instead of seeing the sales process as a funnel — and your reps’ role as working leads or forcing buyers through the funnel — John Jantsch, author of “Duct Tape Marketing,” suggests in his new book, “Duct Tape Selling: Think Like a Marketer — Sell Like a Superstar,” that you imagine guiding prospects on a journey through what he calls the Marketing Hourglass.

Completing the picture

By Dave Stein, CEO and Founder, ES Research Group, Inc.

Marketing’s push to meet demands

Daniel Newman, founder and CEO of Broadsuite Consulting and author of “The Millennial CEO,” posted recently at CRM provider Base’s blog ( about key trends in customer engagement and how sales and marketing teams need to adapt.

Buyer behavior survey provides insights for marketers

While the sales cycle has gotten longer and buyers continue to wait to engage with sales, B2B buyers are more satisfied with the process than they were a year ago.

Adopt a ‘Moneyball’ mindset

Entrepreneur Rob Kelly blogs (sporadically) at and Tweets at RobKellySF. This is culled from deep within his archives:

Gonging is for closers

ToutApp, a San Francisco company focused on helping sales teams boost performance through increased efficiency and productivity of email, recently added a celebration gong to its sales acceleration platform. When a deal is done, a salesperson clicks the gong icon and the entire team is notified electronically.

Sales challenges by the numbers

CSOInsights benchmarks the challenges faced by today’s sales and marketing organizations by tracking trends in the people, process, technology and knowledge to improve sales effectiveness. More than 1,200 firms worldwide were asked to identify the most common sales challenges. Look familiar?

How to Power Up Your Sales Force With Tablets

Tablets are helping to reinvent the sales profession. They’re making it possible for sales reps to be productive pretty much any time anywhere. Reps are using the devices to breeze through the humdrum tasks that need doing before and after the sales call – and make the calls themselves much more productive.

The Age of Builders

Last October, Symantec’s stock took a beating after its new CEO, Steve Bennett, gave financial guidance that fell short of analyst expectations. As often happens, sales execution was proffered as the primary reason for the gloomy guidance.