Ruined By Rewards?

Negotiate Throughout the Sales Process for Better Results

If you’re engaged in the sales process, then you’d better be using effective negotiation strategies for every qualified lead – from discovery until the final agreement. If you wait until it’s time to close the deal, you may fall way short of your goals and your chances of building a long-term client relationship will quickly fade away.

Team Feedback Can Help You Think and Perform Better

Asking for feedback from your team members can be one of the fastest ways to help you improve and set your team up for success.

Meet with your salespeople individually and explain that your purpose is to learn how you can help them sell better. Then ask three questions:

4 Ways to Engage Remote Teams with Video

Creating Extraordinary Customer Relationships

Business professor Michael LeBoeuf famously stated, “A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.” This may sound simple, but any working professional knows that satisfying customers takes more than a great product; it takes a great relationship, which is admittedly a much more complicated task.

Here are three tips for working with difficult clients and customers:

How to Turn Sales Losses Into Wins (Part II)

Editor’s Note: This is the second part of a two-part article. Part I can be found here.

When a sale goes to the competition, sales managers are left asking “Why didn’t we win?” and “What do we need to do differently?”

Snippets of business brilliance

Brian Tracy is among a handful of business thinkers who can be mentioned in the same sentence as Peter Drucker and Tom Peters.

Top Performers - July-August

Nikon D5200 

9 out of 10 companies are not optimized for mobile search

A handful of large companies are doing a good job of optimizing content for mobile searches, but a whopping 94 percent of the Fortune 100 risk having their rankings downgraded once Google implements new mobile SEO guidelines, according to a report from Pure Oxygen Labs (, a mobile marketing consultant.

Write your sales technology plan

Many decisions you make about your sales technology, such as the choice of hardware and software tools, are likely to be costly or cumbersome to change later. When outlining your technology plan, consider the following:
•  Keep in mind how the sales organization might grow or change.

Pressing the Sale

Product Review - July-August

All the buzz
Smartphones are amazingly versatile tools for work and play, but there are times when we want a little more from our audio or photos than they can provide. As incentives for hitting stretch goals, cameras and electronics remain one of the most effective means of motivating your teams.

We’ve lost that ‘go for it’ feeling

Too much risk-taking can be dangerous, but U.S. businesses both large and small appear to be mired in a risk-averse mentality, according to leading economists.

Tips to keep your teams in top condition

What keeps leaders up at night?
You could spend a weeklong workshop answering that question. Nicole Lipkin, an executive coach and frequent media commentator on business leadership, wrote a book of the same name (AMACOM, 2013).

8 ways to insure a sales meeting will be a disaster

  1.  Publicly make a bad example of one sales rep.
  2.  Let someone humiliate one of your sales reps.
  3.  Concentrate on administrative forms and policy, etc.
  4.  Try to put on a meeting without a plan.
  5.  Don’t let the sales team talk or get involved in the meeting.