Do women lead differently than men?

It’s not black-and-white, but I do think women tend to be problem solvers and lead in a more participatory way.

Women claim a leadership edge

Which gender supplies better leaders for organizations? Based on research conducted by Zenger Folkman, a strengths-based leadership development consultant, the answer is rather clear.

Leaders hire pirates

So many companies have a culture that encourages people to fall into line. These types of organizations generally are able to accomplish little more than improving on the innovative ideas of others.

Four levels of leadership

Understanding the two sides of leadership is important, but the bigger issue is how to put them into action. Leaders need to apply their leadership Essence and Form on four levels:

The leader’s role in creating employee engagement

We’ve all heard about organizations with great strategies that somehow fail to execute in the marketplace.

What Leadership Looks Like

On the list of discussion topics with staying power, leadership has few rivals. Love, sex and death come to mind, but the first one scares us, the second one embarrasses us, and who really wants to think about the latter, much less talk about it?

Smaller, on-the-fly meetings gain ground

The games people played

The Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking task used in the IMEX behavioral research all involve the generation of innovative ideas.

Email ‘blasts’ are a thing of the past

eMarketer, which monitors trends in digital marketing, media and commerce, recently spoke with Maribeth Ross, Vice President of NetProspex, a business-to-business email and offline data services company.

Show & tell: video is a must-have marketing tool

The use of online video is at an all-time high and growing exponentially. According to Kissmetrics, a provider of Web analytics tools, online viewers are anywhere from 64 to 85 percent more likely to buy after watching a product video.

An 8-point check on ‘coachability’

Do you have a coachable sales team? Have them take this quiz, answering honestly which of these are true, and to what extent?

             I usually allow my manager and others to complete their sentences before responding. (If you don’t, it’s not a good sign.)

Are your salespeople coachable?

Continual learning is a basic necessity to professional improvement. In many cases, it’s other people who help sales reps advance. But they must be open to coaching.

Sam Parker, founder and publisher of and, says being coachable means to be…

Some advice on sales training RFPs

It’s a bad idea to have a training company actively selling in your organization while requirements are being defined.

Defeating discouragement, the No. 1 sales momentum killer

In his latest book, “To Sell Is Human,” author Daniel Pink extols the importance of “buoyancy,” stating that the “broadening effect of positive emotions has important consequences for moving others.”

Top sales teams see beyond paychecks