Time to Adapt to a New Sales Environment

'No' Can Kick-Start the Sales Call

Objections can cause doubt and confusion for prospects and salespeople. This can frustrate your team members and cause them to avoid objections. But as you know, objection avoidance can lead to fewer sales.

Balancing the Consultant and Strategist Roles

The Age of Social Network Selling

A new approach to selling has developed through the use of social networking sites. Social networks allow sales representatives to generate stronger leads, eliminate the gatekeeper from the process and set up solid appointments to introduce their products or services.

Why Should They Buy From Us?

In 15 years of analyzing company perceptions about their own customer values based on blind surveys, we have turned up a disturbing finding: in our study of over 100 organizations, less than 5 percent of companies actually “sell” what’s most valued by their customers.

Delivering On the Brand Promise

Why Trust Matters More Than Ever

4 Fixes for Flimsy Sales Forecasts

Sales forecasts impact much more than sales management – they have a direct bearing on overall performance, marketing and sales budgets, and planning for service and product delivery, to name a few.

Applying Proven B2C Marketing Techniques to B2B Sales and Marketing Processes

A woman is expecting a baby, therefore the family is probably in search of more space, a family car or minivan, etc. A man takes a new job in a new city, therefore he is probably looking to buy a new condo or house, switch his insurance provider, etc.

Tips to Enhance Personal Presentation Skills In the Digital Age

Part I of III

Better Conversations Will Produce a Better 2013