The right way to package price increases

How do you get customers to pay more for your products?
Wall Street Journal writers Kusum L. Ailawadi and Paul W. Farris recently addressed the question from a consumer products perspective. “Companies should resist the urge to cut promotions or camouflage price increases, which often backfire,” they state. Much of what they shared makes sense for the B2B world.

Silence: the salesperson’s secret weapon

Silence is not only golden, it’s one of the most effective sales techniques a salesperson can use, says consultant Mark Hunter ( The key is knowing when to use it.

At these companies, there is no free lunch

Google’s lavish employee perks – free gourmet lunches, on-site dry cleaning, access to a fleet of electric cars – are mentioned whenever the topic of work perks comes up. But what are businesses with more modest means to do with that information? The Wall Street Journallisted some extras that are trending among small businesses:
Dog days

Facing the Brutal Truth

In a world that values exploitation, people on the front lines are rarely rewarded for telling managers or senior executives that a competitive advantage is fading away.

Strategy is stuck

Strategy is stuck, says Rita Gunther McGrath, a professor at Columbia Business School. For too long the business world has been obsessed with the notion of building a sustainable competitive advantage. Finding a way to compete in a manner that others could not imitate served companies well for decades.

Commitment: A Requirement for Effective Sales Coaching

I frequently ask sales managers, “How often do you coach your sales reps?” And the response that I most often receive is, “I talk to my reps all the time.” Well of course you do. You talk to your reps all of the time, but is that the same as coaching them? 

5 Ways to Differentiate Your Company During the Sales Process

How are you differentiating your company during bids for large, long-term contracts against highly qualified providers? The stakes are raised when all bidders are capable of providing a high-level of service, ongoing support, and competitive pricing.

Not B2C or B2B, But B2I (Business to Individual)

The Role of PR in Personal Development

Too often the practice of public relations, particularly in the B2B world, is limited to news releases and trade events aimed at promoting specific products or services. Yet it can also be a powerful tool for achieving larger branding objectives, while affording employees the opportunity to become recognized as experts in their industry.

Why Won’t They Return Your Calls?

We’ve all had it happen to us, and it’s one of the most frustrating experiences in business.

How to Get Your Sales Team to Buy Into Your CRM System

You have a great new CRM system. It provides solutions to all – or most – of the challenges that your sales team is currently working through.

So why aren’t they using it?

Setting Smart 2014 Revenue Goals Takes Intelligence

It’s nearly September and I’m already talking about next year’s sales goals. But we all know that very soon we will all be working on next year’s budgets and thus next year’s sales goals.

Is the Follow-Up Call Outdated?

Here’s some advice that you don’t hear many sales managers share with their teams: Stop wasting your time following up.

The Marketing Tool That's Underutilized

News that Verizon, Google and other companies turned over detailed user information to the government has heightened the debate over the pros and cons of Big Data.

The Death of Salesmen is Overstated